Music Television

Ever bored? Ever want to watch a few music videos but can't think of what to search for? Hate that like ...gonna keep this updated with cool videos, old and new.

In honour of the forthcoming movie ....

Vote Kinky!

....Electric Picnic lineup just announced ...oh my!

I'd forgotten how great this video is ...not to mention an absolute anthem too! fucking way!!!

....shivers down my spine.

...worth a trip home for? Fuck yes!!

Treble Magazine have embarked upon a top 200 songs of the 1980's. I love these lists, they're great for discovery and reminders.

Madonna - Like A Prayer Official from eliazar rodriguez on Vimeo.

Acid Trax for this on a Saturday? Yes please.

With the release of Radiohead's new album The King of Limbs here are a few reminders of how good this band are.

Radiohead - Paranoid Android from João Barreiros on Vimeo.

Radiohead - Just from Viinyscrib on Vimeo.

Radiohead - Creep from benifla9 on Vimeo.

Anyone want to start a band?

Great documentary about a great music movement over recent years.

I'd been talking about how rap/rock at it's finest is to be celebrated ...if I made any money I'd put it where my mouth is. In lieu of that here it is in video form on my blog. fml.

Faith No More - Epic