Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Cow - Meaningless Friendly

I've gotten my hands on a few EXCLUSIVE tracks from our man out foreign, So Cow! I got them in the pub just before he fecked off to the U.S for a monster tour that'll take him all the way to SXSW, and, well everywhere else for that matter. If he's not visiting your town, then your town must be shit. I joke of course, I've never been to your town. Follow his trek on

Anywhoodle, his album will be called Meaningless Friendly, it'll be on Tic Tac Totally!! and is due out the end of this month, but keep an eye on the myspace or here for more updates.

So I got four songs, I'm gonna post three, to keep yis guessing, and one for just me that I'll listen to all the live long day.

Girl Racer originally turned up on a concept album about our home town of Tuam that was peppered with in jokes and only played live once, at a gig a few friends and I put on back home. He didn't have a band with him so he played from a backing track with myself and various members of The Ralphs on fake instruments. If you want the album mail me, I have it somewhere!

But, ye, sure have a listen to these, if you are in the States or heading to SXSW then check the myspace and go see him live (avec full band), it's a truly wonderful pop show and once the album comes out purchase it and enjoy it!

So Cow - Girl Racer Alt

So Cow - Dunno Alt

So Cow - Random Girls Alt


  1. Man thanks so much! I'm really digging on these. Can't wait to see So Cow this weekend!

  2. Tell him Josh said hi, and hi to Johnny and Gareth as well, solid dudes!

  3. Will do! I hung out with them the other night, and should see them Sunday and Monday!

  4. excited to see so cow in rochester NY in a few days! "girl racer" is great!

  5. It is! If I can dig out the album it's originally on (a concept album about our hometown of Tuam) I will, although it was only really meant local consumption, it's full of in-jokes!

  6. yeah, i'd love to hear it!

    the show was GREAT, by the way. definitely increased my fandom.