Monday, November 2, 2009

Slayer - World Painted Blood out today

Slayer. The stuff of teenage nightmares are back with an album that could have been made in 1985 and that's no insult. For dudes in their late 40's to be playing this fast is incredible, for dudes who are married, have kids and are off the drugs this album is nothing short of miraculous! (Take note Metallica)

Admittedly, at the same time dudes in their late 40's still singing about serial killers, satan and war is a little juvenile but then again you've got to respect the Peter Pan Never Never Land fun of it all, plus they know that they'll probably fare better selling this to pissed off teenagers than accountants. No offence Dad.

Piss your neighbours off with these gems

Slayer - Unit

Slayer - Psychopathy Red

World Painted Blood is out today

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