Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new: Waters, Civil Civic and Avicii

Very little blogging of late. Upturned laptops don't take kindly to being trodden on early in the morning. Will have to make do with DIY technology for the next while.

But being cut off from new music for two weeks was actually quite nice. Fresh perspective and all that!

My initial thoughts were on whether or not I'd like Waters if their production was more polished. But I would, the songs stand up on their own. The songs are by Van Pierszalowski, former Port O Brien frontman, which says enough itself.

WATERS - For The One by cityslang

I've posted about Civil Civic many times before ...because they're bloody brilliant. And their debut Rules has just been released. Listen to the whole lot on bandcamp.

As I said, been away from the internet so all I've heard that's recent is what's on the radio and X Factor. Though not usually one for stratospheric superclub electro house I've been grooving along to this big style. Nice use of Etta James sample too.

Also, massive props to this guy. Would love to see what else he's got up his sleeve.

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