Sunday, October 23, 2011

new &/ live: Sacred Animals vs. Owensie, Karkwa & Nico Jaar remixing Azari & III

  • Two of Ireland's finest, Sacred Animals and Owensie have collaborated to oh so affective effect. Creating an unsettling electronic atmosphere, Sacred Animals sets the tone for Owensies haunting lyrics and lost boy vocals, both melting into each other like two forlorn ice creams, dying in each others arms (the shit I write sometimes). Check them both out and enjoy this one off! Here's Owensie's album, including the original of this tune, and here's Sacred Animals soundcloud page, with his own lovely sounds and remixes by other talented folk like Holy Roman Army, Kohwi and Strands)

Sacred Animals vs Owensie - Cat and Mouse by sacredanimals

Cat & Mouse // Sacred Animals VS Owensie from Feel Good Lost on Vimeo.

  • Karkwa are an indie rock band from Montreal, who, owing to their singing in French are pretty unknown here while massive in Canada. On first listen I remember that French is a much more beautiful language than English. Despite knowing the difference between librarie and bibliotheque I cannot pass comment on the lyrical content. Musically however their sound is confidant, organic and atmospheric in a cult art flick intro kind of way. Though not recent I wanted to post this for anyone in London tomorrow to come along to see them in Brixon at the beautiful Windmill venue (the one with the dog on it). Have a listen, check em out on La Blogotheque and get tickets here.

1 - Le Pyromane by Williamson

  • Azari & III remixed by Nicolas Jaar, delightful. I used to say silly things about dance music just being for clubs and not for daytime listening but as I sit on the couch, full of greasy spoon breakfast, battling the dog for space, there's nothing I'd rather listen to. Builds beautifully, chunky beats complimenting lazy rich piano sounds, only to be attacked by squelchy blips and beeps.

Azari & III - Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix) by BLINDO

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