Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Liz Vayda, White Birds and Ghosts You Echo

Oh Liz Vayda, thank you for your email. This music is delightful! Oh everyone else? Listen to this. Homely, clear sounds, natural and mesmerising. All the info I have is the album and that's she's from Baltimore. And this facebook page but I'm thus far the only other fan. Join me!

White Birds, currently on tour with Asobi Seksu. They'll be selling 100 copies of this E.P on cassette while on tour so get out and see them and pick up and a nice bitta plastic to blast out on your car stereo. (you can get it online too) Out on Grizzly Records. It's lo-fi and harsh, but soothing at the same time.

Floating Hands by White Birds

White Birds - Hondora from White Birds on Vimeo.

And finally, an update on Drop-Out #2 (Powers, Kilburn, Thursday October 13th). With great excitement do I announce the final addition to the lineup, it's the spellbinding Ghosts You Echo! Listen to their recently released second E.P, get excited and come along on Thursday to check them out live, along with Le Galaxie, Jewellers and Birthday Sex!

3.) Heart of Stone by Ghosts You Echo

Ghosts You Echo - "Lifeline" 2ND EP by Ghosts You Echo

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