Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best Spam mail I've gotten in a while!

Tel of M. Cenani. It was with great difficulty that he was admitted to
his presence, and then he was ordered away. But he persisted in
speaking; and after apologizing for his mistake, he returned the money.
The banker asked him if he knew that he was no judge of cloth. Colbert
assured him that it was not worth more than eight crowns. "And you might
easily have kept this money for yourself." "I never thought of that,
sir," replied the young man. "But, if you had thought of it?" inquired
the banker. "It was quite impossible, sir, that such an idea could come
into my head. I should as soon have thought of carrying off all that you
have here." "Suppose I should make you a present of this money that you
have returned to me with such admirable integrity?" "What right have I
to it? And why should you give it to me? I would not take it, sir." "You
are a fine fellow and an honest fellow," said the banker, and inquired
his name. The conversation was suddenly broke off by the arrival of the
banker's carriage. As young Colbert went out, he was seized by the
collar, by his enraged master, who abused him in the most frantic
manner, and dismisse

No idea what any of that was about. If you're in Galway tonight I'll be hammering out tunes for a 5 hour marathon Christmas Eve Eve in Kelly's. Here are a few mad decent teeeeuuuunes like ...

Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter

Kool And The Gang - Celebration

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

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