Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good n' fucken heavy like!!

I was in my sitting room trying to watch the budget, trying because all it seemed like was a bad economics lesson when you know the punch-line will be, eh sorry lads we're up shit creek and our rich mates took the paddle and fucked off elsewhere! So booze is coming down a whopping 13cent, fags not changing but I don't mind cos I'm buying them on the chaep anyway, and the dole only coming down a wee bit, not tres bad.

So to drown out the excess shite I've found a few heavy tunes

Liars have just dropped their first tune in over 2 years, it's the first single from Sisterworld which is coming out on March 9th 2010. It's lovely and dark, and then turns eeeevil!

Liars - Scissors

This Fucked Up song is two or three years old but was originally a B-Side but for now is the first song to be released on a nice Fucked Up package out on a double CD of hard to find tracks out January 26th. I really like this band, it's listenable hard core, and I hope that's not an insult. While they are NME approved which would usually be an immediate turn off they're head and shoulders above the likes of Gallows

Fucked Up - Neat Parts

And earlier when I was searching for Fucked Up I found a song by that name from 1998, sounds like the kind of thing I was listening to when I was a dirty little skater!

Sloppy Seconds - So Fucked Up

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