Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 1-2-3-4 Festival London, recommendations part. 2

The 1234 Festival lineup is turning into a feast of new music for me. I took a break from listening to anything new for the past two weeks, just nice to detox on giving a shit what's going on. But checking this lineup out makes me feel like a tarantula, starving myself so I can ingest more when I finally gorge ...this Saturday in Shoreditch Park. See the lineup here and get tickets here.

The History of Apple Pie is the sound o college-rock guitars and classic pop beats under sundown vocal melodies. London based, and the new discovery for me I'm most looking forward to seeing!

The History Of Apple Pie : Science For The Young by Beatcast

You're So Cool by The History Of Apple Pie

While some touting of the "return of grunge" in some quarters turned out to be bunkum of the highest order (save for the inexplicable popularity of Tribes), I'm hearing a lot more of the LA punk inspired psychadelic rock n' roll sounds of the early 90's. Quiet general I know but it's a start when trying to describe Pet Scenes, a terrific London band. These guys would have made my teenage years ...had I been not listening to nothing but Slayer. Lovely noise, lovely noise.

Habit by Pet Scenes

Living The Dog by Pet Scenes

Echo Lake, yet again from London, are an act whose sound you can get lost in. I can wait for this Saturday!

Young Silence by Echo Lake

Another Day by Echo Lake

New Window

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