Sunday, July 24, 2011

new: Tenaka, Binary, The Drums, M83

Irish act Tenaka has put together an exclusive mix of new tracks, remixes and reworkings for (I write for State, check out my scribblings). Erethral, subdued electronics, tasty reworkings, an all round stellar collection and a worthwhile listen. Get your ears around this bad boy. (also worth checking out are collaborators and remixee Daithi and Elaine Mai. Big up the Galway massiiiiive)

Tenaka - State Mix by Tenaka

Tenaka - Open Out by Tenaka

For a proper introduction to Binary read the comprehensive summation of their work and sound in The Recommender. For an introduction to that here's a video and Soundcloud links (cos you may have missed it elsewhere ...not cos I'm a lazy thieving bastard). Come along to their debut live show on August 11th in the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston ...which by the way is simply the best new music spot in all of London (that I've discovered so far). Since seeing Civil Civic there a few weeks back I've been more than impressed with their listings. That and it's a lovely little bar with a great live room out slightly off the beaten track.

Turquoise by BINARY

Dynamo (Demo) by BINARY

Twas on that I first heard the new single from The Drums (chosen for State's weekly Office Stereo by Elizabeth Rushe). Apart from the E.P and the singles from the album I gave up on The Drums. The album didn't live up to my expectations, it was a little flat from what I remember. I like this though, sticking to the formula but with an dancing energy similar to Vampire Weekend and Darwin Deez ...and I loves me a bit of indie pop I do.

The Drums - Money by WorkItMedia

I love M83. They fill my heart with 80's electronic love and pump my veins full of melancholic euphoria. It's music like this that sums up entire parts of my late teens and early 20's. Delighted they're back with more great new music. G'wan M83! New album, Hurry Up We're Dreaming is out October 18th.

Midnight City by M83

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