Sunday, July 31, 2011

new: Niteflights, Ghost Estates, Hello Moon, Just The Architect and Ghosts You Echo

Niteflights. I could listen to this all day. Darn good pop music from London.

Put It On - Niteflights. by niteflightsmusic

Ghost Estates. Indie rock n' roll. Former members of 8 Ball and Sickboy, standards on the Irish scene a few years back.


Hello Moon. Twee C86 era sensibilities, a pleasure to listen to. Another "formerly" Irish band, they had a few singles out as The Tender Trap, an unfortunate name for a band releasing music just as Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap blew up. I like Hello Moon better as a name anyway.

Vanity by Hello Moon

Just The Architect is a one man band with a cracking album, based around the violin but featuring all manner of tasty electronics, beats and all that stuff that makes up songs these days. Just a lovely all round atmosphere to it.

Latest tracks by justthearchitect

Jonathan Chan, the guy behind Just The Architect also plays with this band, Ghosts You Echo. Check out their most recent E.P, it's full of shuddering clicks and bleeps, organs, sinister sounds and a beautiful voice.

Ghosts You Echo - "Lifeline" 2ND EP by Ghosts You Echo

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