Sunday, August 14, 2011

new: Gold Beach, We Are Losers, I Am Lono, Charleston

From Texas, Gold Beach make soothing Sunday morning music, soft and soulful, but with an urgent and exciteable undercurrent, suggesting that it's going to be a good day. Here's some Soundcloud and Bandcamp full album action (I really love Bandcamp).

Skin Of Yours by Gold Beach

I Am Lono. From "Paranoid pop songs influenced by Suicide, John Carpenter, The Doors, Bukowski and Bowie Low era." ...I never quote from press releases but it's a nice list of influences. Good E.P. Check em out on facebook.

They'll be playing live in Powers Bar, Kilburn on Thursday Sept. 8th. It's my first step into promoting bands in London and have booked bands for the next few months. Follow me on twitter for further updates. All gigs are free in and will be running second Thursday of ever month.

I AM LONO - Why Everything is Made of Fives by robmccleary

I've posted stuff from We Are Losers before, this post is a gentle reminder that they're playing The Old Blue Last on Great Eastern St. in London this evening. It's free in and also features Bearsuit, Dimbleby and Capper, Air Castles, The Racket & The Complete Short Stories. Fair play to Werewolf Promotions, tis quite a spread to put on free!

We Are Losers - Sunset Song by barrygruff

Charleston are a North London act making dark electronic pop. It's sexy groovy stuff, looking forward to hearing more from them.

Piece by Piece by Charleston UK

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