Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new: Slothbear, Civil Civic, Trey Brown & Girls

Today I put up marquees, cycled about my hometown and washed the windows. Little time have I for blogging's a mishmash of music I heard today. Best be off soon, I'm heading to kick a ball against a wall with me mate and then maybe have a pint.

Here are a few internet things that are worth checking out.

Factmag's 10 Producers to watch 2011 part. 2

1,2 FU. A Jonathan Ross documentary about British punk rock 1976-1977.

Florence + The Machine has a new song out.

It being Reading and Leeds weekend, let's watch the greatest bottling of all time, it's Daphne and Celeste!

Getting back to absolute basics, is an explanation of what sound is with lovely pictures, for the scientifically challenged like myself.

...And now for some streamed and downloadable mp3's with some brief words and information. Enjoy.

Foul noise from Slothbear.

More of the usual from Civil Civic. Fabulous sounds for the unhinged amoung you.

Trey Brown, him from uber talented cross genre maniacs White Denim has a tune out all on his lonesome.

Trey Brown - At Midnight by Low Life Inc

Last summer I posted my disappointment at a Girls show. Christopher Owens took umbrage with my words and wrote a well considered response. Neither of us were wrong but fair play for taking the time to retort on this, as lowly a blog as blogs get. Given the quality of music the man makes I can see myself returning to write about him for much time to come. This is from Father, Son and Holy Ghost, their latest.

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