Sunday, August 28, 2011

new: New York City Cops, White Wives, Jape, Fruit Bats

This tune ain't new but I came across it on 2UIBestow, a blogger who writes solely about Irish music, with unrivaled knowledge and passion. It being in Gaelic it's unlikely many blogs would post this, being back in Ireland for a week has knocked my patriotism and love of unhinged trad/world/fusion into overdrive. For further listening to songs in Irish (and many other languages) check out Cian O Ciobhainn's radio show of the same name (An Taobh Tuathail means The Other Side) on RTE's Irish language station RnaG Mon-Fri from 11p.m - 1 a.m. Great for picking up odd new stuff you'd be unlikely to come across otherwise.

On Taobh Tuathail Amach - Kíla by Ronan O Snodaigh

New York City Cops the "modern era" slowly fades into the past certain bands take on mythical status and new bands name themselves after their songs. We eagerly await demos from North American Scum, Digital Lovers and The Obstacle Ones.

Summer Sun (DEMO) by New York City Cops

Picked this up from Sonic Masala today. The band are called White Wives, they're former members of Anti-Flag, Dandelion Snow and American Armada. They've got that urgent anthemic euphoria you'll find in Gaslight Anthem, Two Cow Garage and at times with Mountain Goats ...latter day anthem-punk that's listenable I suppose.

Indian Summer, Indian Summer by WHITE WIVES

Yesterday I posted a Jape remix of the new ASIWYFA single. Today I am happy to post a new Jape tune, ahead of the Sept. 30th release of his forthcoming Ocean of Frequency album on Music/Is/For/Losers (also home to awesome Sun Glitters, check em out). It premiered on No Fear Of Pop earlier today.

Jape - The Oldest Mind

I am floating away on this song. Fruit Bats seem utterly delightful thus far. They're on Sub Pop and have been featured on Drowned In Sound so expect to hear more over the next while. Tripper, their latest album, is out now.

Fruit Bats - You're Too Weird by subpop

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