Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new: Botched Fairytale, The Fierce And The Dead, cfit, Gross Magic, Pree and David Thomas Broughton

Midweek post. Heard too much good new music today not to write excitedly. Each one of these acts is amazing. 

Also also, Drop-Out update. Have just added the magical and delectable Le Galaxie to the lineup for October 13th in Powers in Kilburn, London. We posted about them last week on the blog and are very very excited to be adding them to the bill. They'll be joining Prairies and Niteflights for a night of magical noise. Check out the facebook event page and pop it into the calendar. 

  • Botched Fairytale. From Longford, in Ireland's midlands came to me as an utter surprise this evening via. Ray from Wingnut Records (check out his awesome store and go visit when you're in Galway next). Lyrically bold, sonically engaging, aesthetically pleasing to the max. I'm just gutted that 6 Music caught on to a band from Longford before I did! Really great music, glad it's out there.

The Law of Gravity by Botched Fairytale

  • The Fierce And The Dead. It's all about the warm, comforting bass tone. That's not to diminish the sweet lead, at times rabid energy and general atmospherics of this London three piece. Just what I was looking for in a Tuesday evening!

Fierce And The Dead - Snow Part 1 by mattstevensguitar

  • It's loud, it's loud, it's loud, it's ...gone quite in a satisfying and calming way. It's cfit, from Dublin. A little bit louder now, a little bi...you get the idea. Their debut Triage is a powerhouse, traversing all manner of styles and should be picked up and listened to right away.

01 Great Pressure by Cfit

  • Gross Magic. Dream land gutter-pop. Possibly my favourite new band of recent times. From Brighton, one man band Sam McGarrigle feeds rainbows and fun through brutal, battered effects making a musical wall of sugary noise.

Gross Magic - Sweetest Touch by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing

  • Finally a few tracks from AWESOME New York label Paper Garden Records. Been getting through their Soundcloud page over the past few days and have found nothing I don't like. I'll post a few here but dig into their entire roster, you will not be disappointed.

  • Pree. Tinkley pianos, rolling melodies like a ship at sea at night, steered by a powerful vocal from frontwoman May Tabol. From Washington D.C, check em out on facebook, twitter, soundcloud.

Pree - Lemon Tree by Paper Garden Records

  • Ultra tuneful and sweet sounding David Thomas Broughton will be bringing his brand of New York Spring time sound to my headphones for the wet, cold 6 a.m London morning walk to work. It's escapism but it's cheaper than booze and probably safer in the morning time. This song is from the Paper Garden Rec's page but his album, Outbreeding is out now on Brain Love Records.

 David Thomas Broughton- Ain't Got No Sole by Paper Garden Records

David Thomas Broughton 'Ain't Got No Sole' from BROWN BREAD FILMS on Vimeo.

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