Sunday, September 4, 2011

new: Mega Bumper Giganto-Blog!!

Booster, bumper, bonus blog!!! It's been building up inside, live a volcano made of notes, chords, beats, binary and love. All week I've been house hunting (cheap, 4 bed, east London, hook me up!) so I've had all the music and none of the blog time. Here it is, an unstoppable musical beast.

p.s: London kids, PGTR is embarking on it's first outing into bookings in London. Drop-Out launches this Thursday in Powers on the Kilburn High Road. Listen to I Am Lono's cracking E.P and come check them out for FREE from 9 p.m.
  • Been hearing Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip)'s new single a lot of 6 Music of late. It's a creepy, hypnotic, building piece. The other tracks on the E.P on DFA are well worth a listen too. It's all out Sept. 19th

Joe Goddard - Gabriel by DFA Records

Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Official Video) from Greco-Roman on Vimeo.

  • These tracks by Fritz Kalkbrenner aren't new but a mate mailed me some and I've been listening to little else. Hear more on Beatport

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Facing The Sun by suol

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Grove by Antonelita

  • Le Galaxie never pushed my buttons in a big way til this year. M83 massiveness, soothing synths and pop hooks to beat the band have elevated them to things of greatness in my mind. I hear they played a blinder at Electric Picnic yesterday afternoon. This is their forthcoming single and the whole album to stream. Feel the synth power!!

    04 - Powers Of Miami by Le Galaxie

    Laserdisc Nights 2 by Le Galaxie

    • I thought I'd blogged about Bastille already but turns out I hadn't. Well here they are, wonderful indie pop from London town. 


  • Nicolas Jaar. Missed him in Fabric last month. According to all who I spoke to who were there I made a mistake of gargantuan proportions. Next time then I guess. This is a wonderful classic sounding piece. Recently I heard Larry Levan's remix of Stand On The World by the Joubert Sisters for the first time. It blew me away. This reminds me of it a little bit.

Nicolas Jaar - Hey Boy Bluewave EDIT by Clown and Sunset

Funeral Suits - Health by Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits - Health (Toby Kaar's Drizzle Mix) by Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits - Health (This Mellow Party remix) by Funeral Suits

  • I'm listening to more dance music. Even still I'm way behind the program. I'm the fresh faced kid on his own in the nightclub with glowsticks, a whistle and an oversized smiley t-shirt. A tourist if ever there were one. Listening to a lot of Jacques Greene. He's on the bill with Caribou (DJ set) and Four Tet on Sept. 23rd in Fabric

Jacques Greene - Another Girl by EdBanger

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (Jacques Green Remix) by lyletruman1

  • Little Green Cars. Kids from Dublin. Just out of school I hear. Making me feel inadequate, small and under accomplished. I'll write that novel yet you like feckers ...while I'm working on that however I'll be listening to your devilishly sweet sounds. 

The John Wayne (Radio Edit) by littlegreencars

And finally, Lana Del Rey. There you go. You've heard this already. But it's good, it really is.

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