Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dancefloor Magic vol. 1

A while back I started posting a few dancefloor friendly mp3's every Saturday. It got lost along the way but I'm going to make a proper effort to do it again. I've less distractions in London, or at least the distractions take more planning and as a result life becomes more ordered.

I used to DJ every Saturday night and would often find myself messing about online on a Saturday to find a few new interesting tunes outside of the obvious stuff I'd bought during the week. DJ's, feel free to get involved in suggestions, But if you start suggestings tech-house-dubstep horseshit or Lady Gaga mashups I will be laying a virtual beat down on you.

Speaking of, I was in a club in Camden the other night and I realised how aggressive dance music has become. I heard a remix of a Passion Pit tune that was completely stripped of any sort of soul and fun it ever may have had. Is the modern dancefloor getting ready for the rise of the robot? Soul-less, harsh, pounding sounds of the apocalypse. No thanks. Dancing is fun, leave it that way.

I'll only be posting mashups if they're as good as this one. Smoooooooth.

Tone E - Golden Ghostwriter (RJD2 Vs. Jurassic 5) Alt

Kormac is an Irish DJ and producer who often plays his brassy dancing swing music with an 11 piece live band. He released his debut album on Scribble Records a few months back but this nugget of groovy fun is from a few years back.

Kormac - Kormac's House Alt

I was surprised at how well this one goes down live, but why wouldn't it? It's brilliant! Aiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song Alt

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  1. oh your posting kormac has made me so happy. now have you got any electro disco? can i request some s club 7? :) just kidding. thanks for this post.

  2. threw you a mention on my blog there josh, if there's anything you'd like me to add! hope london's going swell for all of you :)

  3. Cheers for posting, more of my mash-ups can be found on my soundcloud if anyone's interested ;-)