Monday, September 26, 2011

new: Last Days of 1984, Tunabunny, Pet Scenes, Mood Rings, Owensie and Lorum Ipsum

Lineup confirmed for the next Drop-Out in Powers, Kilburn! Will post links and mp3's and info but just a heads up for the moment that it'll be Birthday Sex, Jewellers and Le Galaxie on October 13th for free!! More info here.

Now down to business.

  • Last Days of 1984 sound like blips, beeps and beats made by whales. For a sweet party "under de sea" sample some delightful tuneage on Soundcloud. Woods is getting a nice bit of attention at the moment and rightly so.

▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲ - WOODS by ▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲

  • Picked this one up via Great Pumpkin Records (Tom is the only music blogger I've met in real life, he's lovely, we had pints) ...Tunabunny are the band, have a listen to their sweet alt/90's/lo-fi sounds and then check his blog out for the proper rundown.

Julia Of The Sun Mud by Tunabunny

  • Missed Pet Scenes at 1234 in Shoreditch during the summer, which I was gutted about as it's just my kinda thing. Foreboding, on edge and sharp, for fans of Fugazi, Nine Inch Nails, Grinderman or anything that would sound at home in a dingy basement lit by a single naked lightbulb. Can't wait to see them live soon, they're playing The Borderline on Sept. 29th and Old Blue Last on Oct. 14th. This is their new E.P, Idle Children.

What Friends by Pet Scenes

Idle Children by Pet Scenes

  • Mood Rings make the kinda music I'm listening to loads of at the moment (Gross Magic, Fanzine, Sea Pinks), jingle jangle, slacker whatever. Sure it's pastiche or throwback or whatever but, ya, whatever.

Mood Rings- Promise Me Eternity by doublephantom

  • Heard Owensie a while back but never wrote about him. Organic instrumentation, tuneful and sweet, complimented with his rich vocal tones. Debut album, Aliens out now on Out On A Limb. Dates in the UK up on his bandcamp page, I hear he's well worth hearing live. Also, check out his Soundcloud page for some excellent remixes by the likes of Sert One, Lar from Adebisi Shank and this one from Toby Kaar. 

Ronda - Toby Kaar's Junebug Mix by owensie

  • Finally, Lorem Ipsum: On hearing Ruwluk I didn't know what to make of the rough cut cassette destruction before my ears, but once it kicked in I was instantly enthralled. All of his stuff is well worth checking out. Catch them at Hard Working Class Heroes in Dublin ...Owensie is playing two, as are many many other excellent Irish acts but more about that soon.

Rawluk by *Lorem Ipsum

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new: Botched Fairytale, The Fierce And The Dead, cfit, Gross Magic, Pree and David Thomas Broughton

Midweek post. Heard too much good new music today not to write excitedly. Each one of these acts is amazing. 

Also also, Drop-Out update. Have just added the magical and delectable Le Galaxie to the lineup for October 13th in Powers in Kilburn, London. We posted about them last week on the blog and are very very excited to be adding them to the bill. They'll be joining Prairies and Niteflights for a night of magical noise. Check out the facebook event page and pop it into the calendar. 

  • Botched Fairytale. From Longford, in Ireland's midlands came to me as an utter surprise this evening via. Ray from Wingnut Records (check out his awesome store and go visit when you're in Galway next). Lyrically bold, sonically engaging, aesthetically pleasing to the max. I'm just gutted that 6 Music caught on to a band from Longford before I did! Really great music, glad it's out there.

The Law of Gravity by Botched Fairytale

  • The Fierce And The Dead. It's all about the warm, comforting bass tone. That's not to diminish the sweet lead, at times rabid energy and general atmospherics of this London three piece. Just what I was looking for in a Tuesday evening!

Fierce And The Dead - Snow Part 1 by mattstevensguitar

  • It's loud, it's loud, it's loud, it's ...gone quite in a satisfying and calming way. It's cfit, from Dublin. A little bit louder now, a little get the idea. Their debut Triage is a powerhouse, traversing all manner of styles and should be picked up and listened to right away.

01 Great Pressure by Cfit

  • Gross Magic. Dream land gutter-pop. Possibly my favourite new band of recent times. From Brighton, one man band Sam McGarrigle feeds rainbows and fun through brutal, battered effects making a musical wall of sugary noise.

Gross Magic - Sweetest Touch by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing

  • Finally a few tracks from AWESOME New York label Paper Garden Records. Been getting through their Soundcloud page over the past few days and have found nothing I don't like. I'll post a few here but dig into their entire roster, you will not be disappointed.

  • Pree. Tinkley pianos, rolling melodies like a ship at sea at night, steered by a powerful vocal from frontwoman May Tabol. From Washington D.C, check em out on facebook, twitter, soundcloud.

Pree - Lemon Tree by Paper Garden Records

  • Ultra tuneful and sweet sounding David Thomas Broughton will be bringing his brand of New York Spring time sound to my headphones for the wet, cold 6 a.m London morning walk to work. It's escapism but it's cheaper than booze and probably safer in the morning time. This song is from the Paper Garden Rec's page but his album, Outbreeding is out now on Brain Love Records.

 David Thomas Broughton- Ain't Got No Sole by Paper Garden Records

David Thomas Broughton 'Ain't Got No Sole' from BROWN BREAD FILMS on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

new: Tieranniesaur, The Strange Boys, Django Django, S.C.U.M, Graham Coxon

Sunday business post! Thanks to all who came along to Drop Out in Powers on Thursday, next date is Oct. 13th with Prairies, Niteflights and more to be announced, will keep you posted. Now, down to the nitty gritty.

Tieranniesaur is awesome! I heard Sketch last year and was sold. Delightful debut, fun, loud and fresher today's milk, a blustery day and Will Smith combined. Listen to the album and check out Yeh Deadlies, Annie Tierney's other band and just about everything else on the Popical Island collective which she's a part of.

Tieranniesaur - Sketch! by Nialler9

  • The Strange Boys (via. Folk Radio UK) Like the likes of Cold War Kids and Spoon, this Austin five piece have uncovered and mastered the power of the rich piano tinkle. When it's done right, it's perfect. "Live Music" is out Oct. 24th on Rough Trade, produced, funnily enough by Jim Eno, drummer with Spoon.

Strange Boys - Me and You by Folk Radio UK

Django Django - Waveforms by Django Django

  • S.C.U.M. I'm majorly impressed by this album. Epic acid era vocals, industrial darkness, post-rock attitude, all done with their own original touch. This one's a keeper. U.K touring kicking off, sadly no London dates, bar one supporting Wolf Gang. For you lucky Briton's elsewhere check facebook for dates. Their debut Again Into Eyes is out tomorrow on Mute Records.

S.C.U.M - Whitechapel (Single Version) by Mute UK

  • Graham Coxon played a new song on Jools Holland's show the other night. His last album The Spinning Top was a beautiful acoustic affair and my first introduction to his solo work. Following that I become acquainted with his louder material and fell in love. Based on this I'm looking forward to a noisy album from the Blur guitarist.

Graham Coxon - Advice (Live on Jools Holland, BBC Radio 2, 29/08/11) by barrygruff

Sunday, September 4, 2011

new: Mega Bumper Giganto-Blog!!

Booster, bumper, bonus blog!!! It's been building up inside, live a volcano made of notes, chords, beats, binary and love. All week I've been house hunting (cheap, 4 bed, east London, hook me up!) so I've had all the music and none of the blog time. Here it is, an unstoppable musical beast.

p.s: London kids, PGTR is embarking on it's first outing into bookings in London. Drop-Out launches this Thursday in Powers on the Kilburn High Road. Listen to I Am Lono's cracking E.P and come check them out for FREE from 9 p.m.
  • Been hearing Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip)'s new single a lot of 6 Music of late. It's a creepy, hypnotic, building piece. The other tracks on the E.P on DFA are well worth a listen too. It's all out Sept. 19th

Joe Goddard - Gabriel by DFA Records

Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Official Video) from Greco-Roman on Vimeo.

  • These tracks by Fritz Kalkbrenner aren't new but a mate mailed me some and I've been listening to little else. Hear more on Beatport

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Facing The Sun by suol

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Grove by Antonelita

  • Le Galaxie never pushed my buttons in a big way til this year. M83 massiveness, soothing synths and pop hooks to beat the band have elevated them to things of greatness in my mind. I hear they played a blinder at Electric Picnic yesterday afternoon. This is their forthcoming single and the whole album to stream. Feel the synth power!!

    04 - Powers Of Miami by Le Galaxie

    Laserdisc Nights 2 by Le Galaxie

    • I thought I'd blogged about Bastille already but turns out I hadn't. Well here they are, wonderful indie pop from London town. 


  • Nicolas Jaar. Missed him in Fabric last month. According to all who I spoke to who were there I made a mistake of gargantuan proportions. Next time then I guess. This is a wonderful classic sounding piece. Recently I heard Larry Levan's remix of Stand On The World by the Joubert Sisters for the first time. It blew me away. This reminds me of it a little bit.

Nicolas Jaar - Hey Boy Bluewave EDIT by Clown and Sunset

Funeral Suits - Health by Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits - Health (Toby Kaar's Drizzle Mix) by Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits - Health (This Mellow Party remix) by Funeral Suits

  • I'm listening to more dance music. Even still I'm way behind the program. I'm the fresh faced kid on his own in the nightclub with glowsticks, a whistle and an oversized smiley t-shirt. A tourist if ever there were one. Listening to a lot of Jacques Greene. He's on the bill with Caribou (DJ set) and Four Tet on Sept. 23rd in Fabric

Jacques Greene - Another Girl by EdBanger

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (Jacques Green Remix) by lyletruman1

  • Little Green Cars. Kids from Dublin. Just out of school I hear. Making me feel inadequate, small and under accomplished. I'll write that novel yet you like feckers ...while I'm working on that however I'll be listening to your devilishly sweet sounds. 

The John Wayne (Radio Edit) by littlegreencars

And finally, Lana Del Rey. There you go. You've heard this already. But it's good, it really is.