About and Contact

My name is Josh. I started writing this blog in October 2009 as a way to publish the playlists for the radio shows I did online. I have since left the radio shows behind and gone online. I moved to London in October of 2010 with a view to expanding the things I had been doing, radio, DJing, writing, booking gigs etc. so if anyone wants to give me a hand with any of these things send me an e-mail! Specifically I'm looking for someone with a varied/nerdy music taste to run a night with. No rush, I'm happy just to amble about the city for the moment, becoming more and more fascinated by how bloody big the place is.

To tell me about your band, to have a chat or to point out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors: M A I L J O S H C L A R K E ( a t ) G M A I L ( d o t ) C O M

I had to point the address out obviously because another Josh Clarke is getting bombarded with music related e-mails! (though hopefully no amazing job offers)

And if you'd like to send physical copies (vinyl?!?!?) send me an e-mail and I'll pass you on the address.

...and the legal mumbo jumbo. Anyone who has the technical knowhow to get this far into the internet vortex also knows how torrents work. They don't go to 15 different blogs hoping to jigsaw the tracklisting from an album together. They come here to sample and discover new music.

But if you really don't want something posted that's no problem. Send me an e-mail and it'll be taken straight down.


  1. Hi there Josh!
    We met briefly at the 1-2-3-4 outside the Rough Trade (Stage 2) tent.
    Really like what ya up to here mate. I admire your enthusiasm!
    Did you manage to Catch 'Two Wounded Birds'? The set list was about half hour behind so there's a good chance you turned up and saw the wrong band, 'Forms' who were a bag o' shite in my opinion.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and perhaps check out the odd thing I write for flushthefashion.com


    Ian Garland

  2. Sorry if this is a silly question, but should mail be sent to "joshclarke@gmail.com" or "mailjoshclarke@gmail.com"?


  3. mailjoshclarke@gmail.com ...I do realise that it was a poor choice of address but too late now!