Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I can't wait for ...Electric Picnic no. 6

The mad auld Swede!

Mercy Street by Fever Ray

3 Bands, 3 Tunes, One Riff!

A lot has been made about Nirvana ripping Killing Joke off, with Come As You Are. I'm not sure what came of it all but I'm sure all is gravy as Dave Grohl ended up drumming on one of their later albums.

I just arrived home and my housemate and guest contributor Brian (check out his review of ATP: The Movie here) was playing a Damned tune that came out a few years before Killing Joke's Eighties, with, yet again, a very similar opening riff with a very similar guitar tone.

Three great bands, three great tunes, and a lovely riff. I like rock music.

The Damned - Life Goes On Alt (from Strawberries, 1982)

Killing Joke - The Eighties Alt (from Night Time, 1985)

Nirvana - Come As You Are Alt (from Nevermind, 1991)

And since they're all such great bands, a few more from each! Industrial to the max.

(this one sounds like the intro to the start of The I.T Crowd)


Can't wait for ...Electric Picnic! no. 5

Leftfield! ...with John Lydon on vocals, John is playing with PiL on the Friday!

I can't wait for ...Electric Picnic no. 4

I've talked about Janelle Monae before, but after seeing this I have this to say: Lady Gaga can go scratch, this is the Queen of Pop. She's playing TWO gigs at Electric Picnic, 6 p.m on the main stage, and (ever so excited), 10 p.m on at Body & Soul. Wow.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Can't wait for ....Electric Picnic! no. 3

Beardyman. Fook me this guy is insaaaaaaaaanely talented.

....gonna miss no. 1

I'm emigrating far far away this day two weeks. From Ireland to London. Not too far so, but an excuse to post shit-loads of Irish music til I go. For a start the wonderful Divine Comedy.

Neil Hannon knows his way around a pop song like very few others in this world do. Like truly great comedies, funnily enough, that you can watch over and over, finding new joys in each watch, his songs are packed so full of musical joy that it's a refreshing listen each time! Simple seeming pop songs that don't get old.

I can't listen to Divine Comedy if I'm in a foul mood. In the same way that you love your family but come the tail end of Christmas when you're pissed off, bored and dying for a cigarette you want to kill them all. Maybe it's a bad example, but you know what I mean? Something you love that in a certain mood you can't stand? Ok, will there goes, I'm in fine form now, so I like Divine Comedy.

On top of all this, he joined up with Thomas Walsh from Pugwash last year to release an album about cricket as The Duckworth Lewis Method, which, of course was charming, hilarious and musically fantastic.

And on top of all of this he wrote the soundtrack to the greatest television show ever written, Fr. Ted:

Finally finally finally, if you're not familiar with Neil Hannon or Divine Comedy, Eyebrowy will fill you in, oh oh oh!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

iTest, August 29th, Electric Picnic Special!

This evening was the Electric Picnic Special on the show, two hours of regular programming, two hours of purely Picnic bands, ahead of next weekend's festivities.

Here are the tunes I played for the first two hours:

The Budos Band - Unbroken, Unshaven
The Knux - Floozy
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust
Les Savy Fav - Let's Get Out Of Here
Mark Ronson - The Bike Song
Kristoff Krane - Work ft. Slug
Adebisi Shank - Masa
Beck - Summertime
Teen Daze - Wet Hair
Tap Tap - Dry Dry Land
No Age - Glitter
Sufjan Stevens - Heirloom
Eels - Spectacular Girl
Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait
Aeroplane - Superstar
Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Janglin' (RAC Remix)
Daithi - Embrace (Hummerbeat)
The Loom - Helen
Les Savy Fav - High & Unhinged
Miami Horror - Holidays
Hotel Mexico - It's Twinkle
Cee Lo Green - Fuck You
Starfucker - Julius
PVT - Window
Land Of Talk - Swift Coin
The Dig - Sisters In Love

And here's the Picnic Special in five parts!

Bonobo - Kong Alt

Simple as. Super excited.

Friday, August 27, 2010

N-E-W: Daithi

Daithi O' Dronaigh is a Galway based musician who makes some really original stuff! When he was 16 he came runner up in the Irish version of Britain's Got Talent ...entitled Ireland's Got Talent! Since then he seems to have been the first person in the history of reality TV to end up a respected artist! Despite this he is determined to temp reality-fate again, appearing on Sky 1's Must Be The Music, with Dizzee Rascal, Sharleen Spiteri and Jamie Cullum as judges. Well at the moment he's in the semi final, just after playing at Castlepalooza and supporting Girls the other night, and just before playing Electric Picnic!

All I'm gonna say is have a listen, enjoy it and keep an eye out, you're sure to hear a lot more soon.

Think of a dancefloor Final Fantasy

Daithi - Embrace Alt

Daithi - Baby Fish Alt

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can't wait for Electic Picnic no. 2

808 State. Aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid house;)

Can't wait for ...Electric Picnic!

Rubberbandits, funny fuckers from Limerick.

Apologies if you're not Irish, this may be a tad confusing.

Fun fact, they once supported Ice Cube!

Live: Rural Savage, Daithi & Girls

I'm just home from seeing Girls, in Monroe's in Galway, pretty good, nothing spectacular but nice to see them.

But the support really nailed it. First off, Rural Savage, mad bastards from Donegal. Sarky punk rock at it's finest. I'll post about them soon.

And then Daithi comes on. I'd seen him before and he really impressed but this time everyone seemed to turn around and say, "shit, everyone's gonna know about this dude in a year". Daithai is kind of a mix of Two Door Cinema Club, Final Fantasy, Justice and Enya. He plays fiddle, loops stuff, adds beats and synth and makes really nice dancey trad. We spent the evening trying to come up with a genre for it. ElecTrad was my favourite. I'm going to post an mp3 tomorrow, but check this out:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tunes My Mates Like vol. 1

Last week I called over to a friends house for a glass of wine and some pizza. Wine flowed, pictures were drawn and music was discussed. I had a "genius" idea to start a blog called Tunes My Mates Like. So I did. And then realised it's hard enough to maintain a daily blog as it is, let alone two! So I'm gonna keep it going every few days here on Popgoes... so if you've a suggestion for a song, get involved!

Here's what I'd posted on that one hazy night!

I just launched this blog earlier on. My mates suggest some seriously good shit on facebook or in person or play some great stuff live. I wanna store it all online. Thanks google.

Conor Ralph suggested this one

Islands - Creeper Alt

If you've got a song you love, but no blog to put it on mailjoshclarke@gmail.com is my new address!

N-E-W (ish): The Knux, The Loom & PVT

Murphys Law prevailed yesterday. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong! The show was all over the shop but came together at the last minute.

I'll try get my hands on the tracklist when I'm back there soon, but for the moment here are three tunes that I'm loving at the moment!

The Knux dropped their Fuck You E.P back in January, can't believe I missed this gem at the time.

The Knux - Floozy Alt

This band are called The Loom, they're an unsigned band from Brooklyn. I like those tasty country harmonies a whole lot.

The Loom - Helen Alt

I've been hearing a lot about these guys recently. If you like this they're playing live in the brand new and exciting Workman's Club in Dublin on September 9th. Their album Church With No Magic is out now.

PVT - Window Alt

You can follow Popgoes... on facebook and twitter for more of the same mumbo jumbo;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adebisi Shank "take it there"

While I wouldn't usually post videos taken at gigs on mobile phones, what happened last night at Whelan's in Dublin must in some way be documented. Twitter was abuzz this morning with claims that Adebisi Shank's launch of their second album was possibly the best gig EVERRRRRRRRRRRR. I don't doubt it. I saw them a few weeks back and could easily say one of the top 5 gigs I've ever seen in Galway. The level of divilment is palpable in this video, and the craic is most certainly being had. Good stuff, just gutted I wasn't there. Onward Shank, onward!

You can pre-order the album here. You really should.

Charles Haddon R.I.P

I have terribly sad news. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool singer Charles Haddon has taken his own life, aged 22. The band had just appeared at Pukklepop festival in Belgium.

After a series of well received singles they were due to release their debut album "Christ Died For Our Synths" on October 22nd.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

House sorted in London. Sound. Back to regular posting from Sunday. Beatles tribute act in Tuam tonight, love the odd trip back home!

I'm not sure if this is my favourite Beatles song. That changes every week. I had Octopus Garden playing on my mental jukebox after seeing Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (pretty funny under the right circumstances, Jack White is funny as Elvis, Jack Black is atrocious as Paul McCartney ...well his accent at least) last week.

Three great versions of a great song, and off into the nighttime I go!

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun Alt

Belle & Sebastian - Here Comes The Sun Alt

Antony & The Johnsons - Here Comes The Sun Alt

Now to find a job in London ...why does anyone ever move away?!

Cee-Lo Green - Fuck You

New Cee Lo Green single, Fuck You. I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be one of my albums of the year!

Cee Lo Green's The Lady Killer is due out next month

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book & Movie Club (Guest Post)

This is a guest post here for my good friend Josh as part of his book/movie feature which pops up here every few weeks or so.I stumbled across a DVD at the weekend named All Tomorrows Parties...and for around 20 euros, it was well worth the punt.

All Tomorrows Parties as many of you may and probably well know, is a music promotion started in 1999 by Barry Hogan, at a holiday resort in England. In it's 10 odd years it has spread across both Europe and the U.S. with gigs and festivals, gaining a massive fan base as well as huge respect within the 'alternative' music scene in general. The difference in this and ...well most festivals I can think of, is it's lack of sponsorship whatsoever, DIY attitude, and of course the line up each year being curated by bands and the fans themselves, leaving for a very unique batch of music over the 3 day festival.

This documentary shows a true glimpse into a weekend at ATP. This is achieved by the hard work put into squeezing down over 600 hours of footage sent in by fans, bands and film makers into a 90 minute film. Live performances, footage from the festival goers up to all sorts and interviews, it's all there and in multiple formats including mobile phone videos, camcorders, Super 8 and HD. This gives viewers the real spirit and essence of what the festivals all about, not to mention the music itself. Live performances ranging from Nick Cave & Iggy Pop to John Cooper Clarke & Saul Williams, to The Boredoms & The Octopus Project, to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Animal Collective... Too many to name to be honest, but all very good, more independent bands within a range of genres.

Special Features: an extra 50 minutes of live stuff, as well as the 40 page booklet included that documents all the festival introduction letters written by Hogan himself,and all of the festival posters and artwork over the years!

A great watch. When it comes to notions of 'a music festival FOR the fans' or 'indie-festival',these guys are not bullshitting! Its exactly that! G'wan,buy it!

Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan (Fuck Buttons Remix) alt

Slint - Breadcrumb Trail alt

The Octopus Project - The Way Things Go alt

- Brian Ruane (guest post)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

iTest, August 15th (Best of 2010 so far)

This evening's show was a best of 2010 so far. Cos I'm wrapping up in a few weeks. And cos there was a rave on the Claddagh in Galway last night, which no matter how responsible I might be (I'm not by the way) I couldn't have missed! So I walked home through the streets of Galway at 6 a.m to faraway sounds of drum n' bass. The Gardai eventually shut it down about a half hour after that but it was nice of them to let it go that long. Here's what I played this evening on iTest on i102-104. (yet again if you're in London and have a say in radio or know anyone who does and you dig what I do I'll be looking for work from September in London, mail me! ..same goes for any job in fact!)

Hour 1

Gorillaz - Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
Kormac - People Rising ft. MC Little Tree
Fang Island - Daisy
Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang
Aeroplane - We Can't Fly
MGMT - It's Working
The Cast Of Cheers - Tip The Can
Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand
Frightened Rabbit - Swim (Until You Can't See Land)
Best Coast - Boyfriend
Adebisi Shank - Masa
Foals - Miami

Hour 2

LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean
School Of Seven Bells- Windstorm
Avi Buffalo - Summer Cum
The Ambience Affair - Lost At The Start
So Cow - Limboat
The Roots - How I Got Over
Warpaint - Beetles
Yeasayer - O.N.E
Nouveaunoise - Cinnte
Stars - Dead Hearts
Civil Civic - Less Unless

Hour 3

Holy Fuck - Latin America
Kanye West - The Power
And So I Watch You From Afar - S Is For Salamander Alt
Surfer Blood - Catholic Pagans
Arcade Fire - The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Broken Social Scene - Chase Scene
Four Tet - She Just Likes To Fight
Gil Scott-Heron - Me & The Devil
Not Squares - Release The Bees
Kissed Her Little Sister - Cocaine
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Spottie

Hour 4

Deerhunter - Revival
Villagers - The Pact (I'll Be Your Fever) Alt
Coeur De Pirate - Printemps
Vampire Weekend - White Sky
Harlem - Gay Human Bones
Ra Ra Riot - Boy
Nas & Damian Marley - Nah Mean
Wavves - King Of The Beach
The Redneck Manisfesto - Little Nose
Janelle Monae - Cold War
Titus Andronicus - The Theme From Cheers
M.I.A - Born Free
RJD2 - Let There Be Horns
Jonsi - Boy Lilikoi
The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

London baby, yeah!

45 minutes sleep on the bus and plane last night. Been viewing houses in London all day, viewing a refurbished fire station in a while. Fingers crossed. Lack of sleep, £2 pints, fire stations. Funny day. Fuck it, London's Calling.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Adebisi Shank - This Is The Second ....

I have the new Adebisi Shank album. It's called This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank. You may recall how much I loved the first album (you'll never guess what it was called). Well I think I like this one better. Post-rock guitar twiddling and rawking out could have it's limits, I will admit, but this ten track monster takes that possibility and turns it on it's head. It's a celebration, it's experimental and it's off the fucking hook. And it features two very cool guests, Conor J. O' Brien (Villagers) and Richie Egan (Jape & Redneck Manifesto).

The album will be released on August 20th with a show in Whelan's, here are the details:

Doors 7:30pm
Tickets: €12 (Including Booking Fee)
Get tickets from tickets.ie here or WAV [lo-call 1890 200 078]

I saw them last week in the Roisin Dubh in Galway. Probably the best live band in the country. NOT to be missed.

I posted this track last week, I'm terribly sorry but I'm gonna have to post it again, as it ties in with this preview review thingy. If you haven't heard it yet, enjoy!

Adebisi Shank - International Dreambeat by Nialler9

Sunday, August 8, 2010

iTest, August 8th

Here's the tracklist for this evening's show. Time counting down before the London move, getting sad. I'm really gonna miss doing this show. Where else would I be allowed play whatever I wanted?! (Any radio programmers in London reading this who've a few hours free every week in their schedule, holler!)

Hour 1

Renato Carosone - Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano
Wavves - King Of The Beach
The Vaselines - Sex With An X
Janelle Monae - Cold War
Jaill - The Stroller
Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand
Roots Manuva Meets Wrong Tom - Butterfly Crasb Walks
Adebisi Shank - Bones
The Knocks - Make It Better
King Charles - Love Lust
The Magic Kids - Superball Alt
Dinosaur Pile Up - Birds And Planes
Deerhunter - Primitive 3D
Arcade Fire - Ready To Start

Hour 2

Best Coast - Boyfriend (Ghostwaves Remix)
LITE - Image Game Alt
The Walkmen - Stranded
Mountain Man - Animal Tracks
Menomena - Taos
Antony & The Johnsons - Thank You For The Love Alt
Wild Beasts - Through The Iron Gate
Bravestation - White Wolves
Dry The River - History Book
Arcade Fire - The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Ra Ra Riot - Boy
Bombay Bicycle Club - Jewel

Hour 3

Deerhunter - Revival
Marnie Stern - For Ash
Weezer - Memories
Beck - Summertime
Janelle Monae - Make The Bus ft. Of Montreal
Grinderman - Heathen Child
Black Mountain - The Hair Song
Baths - Lovely Bloodflow
The Naked And Famous - Young Blood
Jaill - Snake Shakes
Mogwai - I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead (Live)
Adebisi Shank - Genki Shank
Cee Lo Green - No One's Gonna Love You
Les Savy Fav - Sleepless In Silverlake

Hour 4

Aeroplane - We Can't Fly
Gypsy & The Cat - Jona Vark
Roots Manuva Meets Wrong Tom - Jah Warriors
Lauryn Hill - Repercussions
Jaill - That's How We Burn
Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang
Ra Ra Riot - Shadowcasting
The Magic Kids - Phone
The Count & Sinden - After Dark ft. Mystery Jets
Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters
Adebisi Shank - Frunk
Frightened Rabbit - Son C
Jens Lekman - The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love
De La Soul - The Return Of DST

Off now to finish reading High Fidelity, listen to Yuck, Hotel Mexico and Otis Redding, and have a beer, Ole!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Japstars, new video

I'm back. A few days in Kerry was exactly what I needed. Swimming, surfing, barbeques, early nights and family time are the business. Then I got back, dropped my stuff off and hit the Roisin Dubh for the Summer Shindig. Cast Of Cheers, Disconnect 4, Adebisi Shank and Lost Chord. Great lineup and great fucking night. I'll be posting a new Ad Shank tune over the next few days, cos the album is an absolute belter! My neck is still in bits from being in the first moshpit I've been in since Iron Maiden when I was 17.

So new stuff from Derry's electro kings Japanese Popstars. Yet again Barry Gruff beats me to it. That guy's blog is well worth reading, Irish or otherwise.

First new stuff in a while. Always good to hear from one of the better live dance acts about.

Monday, August 2, 2010

N-E-W: Jens Lekman & GHOSTWAVES (Best Coast remix)

I'm off for two days holidays in Co. Kerry tomorrow. Only Bus Eireann and their hopelessly incompetent and expensive ways stand between me and a few days of barbecues, surfing and maybe climbing a little mountain.

So for this evening I have two songs.

Sweden's Jens Lekman has a new tune, and what do you know, it sounds like a fitter, happier, more productive Morrissey! (maybe not fitter or more productive but it sounded nice) It's the first thing we've heard from Jens in a few years, and I'm delighted he's back on the scene.

Jens Lekman - The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love Alt

I got a mail last night from this guy, and as I said to him in the mail, am surprised I didn't hit delete when I saw the word remix. It's terrible but because there are so many awful (most of them Lady Gaga related) electro remixes floating about I've begun to ignore the word altogether. I like what Ghostwaves has done with Best Coast though. A rather beefed up, dreamy, rocker. I think it sounds like someone took Cut Copy out of the Club!

Best Coast - Boyfriend (GHOSTWAVES Remix) Alt

Sunday, August 1, 2010

iTest, August 1st

popgoestheradio is now on facebook! Yet another way to waste all valuable time you or I may ever have had. This evening's tunes:

5 - 6p.m

Oberhofer - Away Frm U
Ra Ra Riot - Boy
Menomena - Five Little Rooms Alt
King Charles - Love Lust
J Tillman - Three Sisters
Arcade Fire - Rococo
Beck - Summertime
Civil Civic - Less Unless
Janelle Monae - Tightrope
Cee Lo Green - No One's Gonna Love You
Deerhunter - Revival
Wavves - King Of The Beach
Magic Kids - Phone

6 - 7p.m

The Divine Comedy - I Like
Screaming Females - I Don't Mind It
Aeroplane - I Crave Paris
The Count & Sinden ft. Mystery Jets - After Dark
School Of Seven Bells - Dust Devils
Sea Of Bees - Marmalade
Arcade Fire - City With No Children
Dinosaur Pile Up - Birds And Planes
Leichtenstein - Passion For Water
The Knocks - Make It Better Alt
Stars - Dead Hearts
Maximum Balloon - Tiger

7 - 8p.m

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr - Simple Girl
Grinderman - Heathen Child
Civil Civic - Stacks ON
Adebisi Shank - Internationmal Dreambeat
Bombay Bicycle Club - Ivy & Gold
King Charles - Mr. Flick
Young The Giant - My Body
The Vaselines - Sex With An X
Sharam - She Came Along
South Ambulance - Simple Obligation Of A Man
Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait
Cut Copy - Where I'm Going
Best Coast - Boyfriend
Oberhofer - I Could Go

9 - 10p.m
Interpol - Barricade
Wavves - Super Soaker
Jamaica - Short And Entertaining
Menomena - Taos
Fishing - Ooooo
The Walkmen - Stranded
The Vinny Club - Tech Noir Grand Opening
Jaill - Stroller
Gold Panda - You
Les Savy Fav - Sleepless In Silverlake
Best Coast - Crazy For You
Black Mountain - The Hair Song
Baths - Lovely Bloodflow Alt
Marnie Stern - For Ash
Arcade Fire - The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)