Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little more dancefloor magic

D.J's! I have treats for you! Three songs I dug up this evening, I'll be playing them during my nightime escapades on some seedy west of Ireland streets, who knows where else they'll end up?

Beatconductor - Crazy In Kingston Alt

Herman Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummers Beat Alt

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Agent 86 Remix) Alt


You wouldn't believe how slow I am at figuring out "the internets". I know you can make fancy images and links and whatnot appear but it's been lost on me. Again, thank you to Leon Butler, aka Red 2 who made the page look pretty. So until I figure out how to do this in a fancy way, here are two links that are bringing popgoestheradio kicking and screaming into a world of multiple ways to listen to music and connect with the outside world. Yesterday I set up a facebook page. And today I set up a youtube channel. I'll use the youtube for posting playlists of tracks from albums I talk about. Here are all the songs to stream from the new Arcade Fire album.

(I bought a second copy this morning, for my girlfriend. I don't think I should have it though, it's not released til Monday. Hope no one in my local shop gets in trouble but eh, ya, poster says out Monday, hmmm)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

I bought the new Arcade Fire album this morning. It's wonderful. We Used To Wait and Month of May, which we've heard already are outstanding, and though I could take or leave a handful in the middle it was certainly well worth the purchase and am delighted they've added more great songs to their collection.

This is my favourite song from it. I was late for meeting someone earlier cos I wanted to hear it twice.

Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains (Removed By Request)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being a growed up is overrated

Back on the hunt for a place to live in London, a freaking nightmare! If any South London estate agents or homeowners with a lovely three bed house for three lovely young Irish people drop me an e-mail and make my life a whole lot easier. (a job in a record shop, or DJing somewhere or maybe doing a radio show would be nice too)

I'm running off to entertain some horse racing enthusiasts so I'll leave with a house related song by a band from London.

Blur - Country House Alt

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

N-E-W: School Of Seven Bells, South Ambulance & King Charles ...and some ranting

After I mentioned on facebook that Jennifer Aniston is in Galway for the annual racing festival someone suggested I should run a Perez Hilton style blog. So eh here goes. Jennifer Aniston, off the telly, is in Galway watching horses run around.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the shortest career in showbiz reporting ever. This week lovely Galway has been invaded by morons intent on losing all of their money, roaring at strangers to "smile will ya?" and generally cause a fucking nuisance about the town. They pump millions into the economy, fair enough, but I really don't think race week behaviour would be tolerated if the same crowd were in town for a music festival. I suppose if it's condoned and loved by politians and gobshite Irish celebrities it's ok to bang on cars and terrorise and old couple in a car as I saw a group of fine young men do last year.

And there it goes, my career in moral outrage. Back to music.

First off, South Ambulance, a Swedish band about to release their third E.P entitled EP 6. It's a confident, melancholic but comfortable listen, definitely a keeper. You can stream the E.P here and have a little taster for your desktop courtesy of the nice folks at Indiecater records.

South Ambulance - Simple Obligation Of A Man Alt

I have fallen in love, the new School Of Seven Bells album is wonderful. Packed full of distracting sounds, perfect boy/girl vocals and a synth rock sheen that'll leave you in a shoegazey trance, this is an absolute winner in my books. This song in particular sounds like Enya and The Cranberries were kidnapped by an 80's teen flick soundtrack machine.

School Of Seven Bells - I-L-U Alt

Finally, King Charles. A London fellow who's tunes are doing the business in blogsville, with this wonderful song. There are a few lines that sound very like Billy Bragg's "A New England". I'm not suggesting it's ripped off at all, it's a really nice way to project the vocals, a sing-song style I suppose. On top of that there's so much going on in the song, one of my favourites at the moment. You can check more out on his myspace, or you could google King Charles and spend a vast portion of your day looking at cute dogs (my family have a King Charles called Jeff, couldn't recommend them highly enough, stupid, but fun, great with kids and shockingly cute!)

King Charles - Love Lust Alt

Sorry for getting serious there, here's some fun: Is Nickleback The Worst Band Ever?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

iTest, July 25th

This evening's playlist! Fun times on the show, back to blog and grab C.D's in the apartment and then off to Bar 903 spinning with Mr. Paul Hannon this evening, I'm feeling happy and free, might tryout some silly mixes or something in for a beer anyway!

The Divine Comedy - I Like
School Of Seven Bells - Windstorm
Miniature Tigers - Lolita
Jamaica - Short And Entertaining
Supercassette - Ronin
Wavves - Linus Spacehead
Kissed Her Little Sister - Cocaine
Fishing - Ooh
Janelle Monae - Tightrope
Guards - Respolution Of One
Best Coast - Boyfriend
Civil Civic - Less Unless
Cut Copy - Where I'm Going
Cee Lo Green - No One's Gonna Love You
Bombay Bicycle Club - Rinse Me Down
Menomena - Taos
Delorean - Real Love
Abe Vigoda - Throwing Shade
Ra Ra Riot - Boy Alt
El Guincho - Bombay
Wolf Parade - Tiny Circle
The Roots - Right On
The Vaselines - I Hate The 80's
Civil Civic - Run Overdrive
Black Lips - The Best Napkin I Ever Had
Desmond And The Tutus - High Fives
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - Dog With A Rope
Sonny And The Sunsets - Too Young To Burn
Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait
Stars - Dead Hearts
Kid Cudi, Rostam & Best Coast - All Summer
Wavves - King Of The Beach
Admiral Radley - I Heart California
Les Savy Fav - Sleepless In Silverlake Alt
Oberhofer - OooOOOOooooOOOO
God Is An Astronaut - In The Distance Fading
Declan Q Kelly - Simulacrum
Deerhunter - Revival
Wolf Parade - Pobody's Nerfect
Of Montreal - Coquet Coquette
Local Living Guy - Michael Foot
Tender Trap - Do You Want A Boyfriend
School Of Seven Bells - I-L-U
The Books - Chain Of Missing Links
Dinosaur Pile Up - Birds And Planes
Interpol - Barricade
Cool Runnings - I Am You
Wavves - Post Acid
Andre 3000 - All Together Now
Sun Kil Moon - Natural Light
Film School - Heart Full Of Pentagons
Stornoway - Watching Birds
Supercassette - Lost In Tha Park
N.A.S.A - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Marnie Stern - For Ash Alt
School Of Seven Bells - Bye Bye Bye

Friday, July 23, 2010

Forgotten gems

London was fun. Back in action, here are a few songs I remembered I like today. I've a plan for the blog, I'll be posting about it later!

For the meantime, here are some older songs I hadn't heard in ages that I think you might like.

Nick Cave - No Pussy Blues Alt

McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions Alt

Tiga - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore Alt

P.S if you're about Galway this evening pop down to the Cellar, Declan Q Kelly, Music For Dead Birds and Local Living Guy's E.P launch. If I can manage it Disconnect Keith is playing in Bar 8 (garage, soul, mod kinda business), Kormac's Bake Sale is on in 903, gugai is battling Phill Jupitus at the Silent Disco in the Roisin Dubh and James Lavelle (UNKLE) is playing in Kellys. All that and Cathy Davey, Damian Dempsey and Josh Ritter are on right now at the Festival Big Top!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

iTest, July 18th

I'm flying to London in the morning to look for a house to live in when I move over in September so I mightn't be posting again til Thursday, unless I find an internet cafe and some free time. p.s if anyone in the Blackheath/Greenwich area or indeed anywhere in London wants to help/give me a job in September drop me an e-mail!

For the moment here's the tracklist for this evening's iTest show. 4:50 - 8:50 every Sunday on i102-104fm in the west of Ireland or to the rest of you!

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Memory Of A Free Festival (Bowie Cover)
The Roots - Right On ft. Joanna Newsom
Liechtenstein - Passion For Water
School Of Seven Bells - Windstorm
Wavves - Post Acid
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - Hurrah
Bombay Bicycle Club - Rinse Me Down
Monster Rally - Honey Moon
Dumbo Gets Mad - Plumy Tale
Kissed Her Little Sister - Cocaine
Ceo - Illuminata
French Films - Golden Sea
Best Coast - Boyfriend
Stars - Dead Hearts
Of Montreal - Coquet Coquette
The Divine Comedy - I Like
Women - Eyesore
Go Panda Go - We Believe In Music
!!! - The Hammer
Tiger Cats - Stevie Nicks
Janelle Monae - Tightrope ft. Big Boi
Sun Kil Moon - Natural Light Alt
Cut Copy - Saturdays
Kid Cudi, Best Coast & Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) - All Summer
Cee Lo Green - No One's Gonna Love You (Band Of Horses Cover)
School Of Seven Bells - I-L-U
I Am Kloot - The Moon Is A Blind Eye
Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang
Fishing - Oooo Alt
Common Prayer - Us Vs. Them
Kula Shaker - Ophelia
Battles - The Line Alt
Arcade Fire - Month Of May
Great Lakes - Summer Fruit
Million Young - Desparate Measures
Les Mange Tout - Weak Week
!!! - The Most Certain Sure
Kisses - People Can Do The Most Amazing Things
Civil Civic - Less Unless
Kanye West - The Power
Foxes In Fiction - Flashing Lights Have Ended Now
Wavves - King Of The Beach
Panda Bear - Slow Motion
The Vaselines - I Hate The 80's
Interpol - Barricade
Abe Vigoda - Throwing Shade
Department Of Eagles - While We're Young
Go Panda Go - Whiplash
Janelle Monae - Cold War
Best Coast - When The Sun Don't Shine
Black Lips - Best Napkin I Ever Had
Cut Copy - Where I'm Going
The Walkmen - Stranded

I posted three mp3's in there.
The Sun Kil Moon track I posted is a Casiotone For The Painfully Alone cover. It appears on an accompanying E.P called I'll Be There to his (Mark Kozelek) current album Admiral Fell Promises which came out this week on Caldo Verde Records.

You'll find more on Fishing here.

And I can't believe I hadn't posted the new Battles song already. It appears on the soundtrack to the new Twilight film alongside Florence And The Machine, Vampire Weekend, Cee Lo Green and loads more.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

N-E-W: Abe Vigoda, The Vaselines, The Divine Comedy, plus Arts Fest and X-Mas no. 1!!

Is it too early to start plugging away for alternative Christmas no. 1? No, didn't think so. So here is the campaign to get Irish hip-hop legends Scary Eire and their classic On The Dole Q to number 1 for Christmas this year! It would be brilliant, and might get these guys the attention they deserve but if it doesn't go to number one I hope it's cos it's not relevant anymore (i.e that unemployment levels have dropped). Have a listen, you'll hear more of this running up til Christmas!

Now the Galway Arts Festival is in full swing. It's a great time of year to be in Galway and for the second year in a row the festival is previewing and documenting the goings on with GAF TV. Here's their preview of Breakestra who played the other night:

Chali 2Na couldn't make it sadly, despite this the gig was wonderful. I wasn't in dancing mood when I came in but within two or three songs I was bopping and moving to the infectious groove. And then during the encore a breakdance battle broke out, backflipping and headspinning the night away in the small 300 capacity venue.

I caught Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy the other night, on his own with a piano and occasionally a guitar and he was excellent. Though not notoriously good live he was on form, dazzling the full house with his wit and muddled manner. He seemed like a musical Dylan Moran in Black Books! I was sceptical about the lack of full band but renditions of classics like The National Express and Songs Of Love, along with songs from his recent Bang Goes The Knighthood album and a lovely version of MGMT's Time To Pretend, he nailed it. Here's a silly song from his latest album.

The Divine Comedy - I Like Alt

Otherwise Arts Festival wise it's Badly Drawn Boy tonight and loads more next week, details here, if you're interested and of course tomorrow sees the magnificent Macnas Parade ...which I'll miss ...cos I'll be at work.

Otherwise here are two new songs

First off it's Abe Vigoda, not the actor (who's 89 by the way and still going), but the band. Their new album Crush is out September 20th.

Abe Vigoda - Throwing Shade Alt

And legends of lo-fi singalong pop The Vaselines are back, they've an album Sex With An X, out September 14th, here's the first song from it.

The Vaselines - I Hate The 80's Alt

For more new stuff tune in to from 4:50 p.m Irish time tomorrow, four hours of new music with me!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book And Movie Club no. 3: Hang The DJ

As I said yesterday, too much to do to crack into the Book and Movie Club. Yesterday was crazy, my girlfriends back windscreen smashed for no apparent reason so between trying to get it fixed and looking for accommodation in London I was up the walls!

So I've decided to write about a book I found in the wonderful Charlie Byrne's bookshop in Galway last week. Charlies is a Galway institution and a must for any tourists, and, of course Galway folk themselves. It's not unlike the bookshop Dylan Moran runs in Black Books, although the staff are friendlier and they do have books that people may be looking for.

The book is called Hang The DJ and deals with one of my favourite literary topics. A topic that insights laughter, pain, anguish, and all that: Top 10's! It's an Alternative Book Of Music Lists, and something that I need not delve too deeply into. If you like the sound of it you should buy it, if not, you should not buy it. It's as simple as that.

If you're a fan of toilet reads this is the book for you. Ten minutes of quality alone time, finding a new band to listen to or reading about a song you love in a way you'd never seen it before.

The basis is that the editor, Angus Cargill invited friends and critics to write a top ten about whatever they want and published an entertaining book.

From "How not to get laid: The ten saddest Tom Waits songs" to "This woman's work: Why female singer songwriters are better than their male equivalents", with top 10's on The Pixies, New Zealand Lo-Fi bands and amazing power ballads in between this book is a chance to appreciate songs you know and love in a new light, hear music you'd never have heard of otherwise and enjoy some truly funny writing about our favourite subject (...this is a music blog for the record).

Here's a link to buy it online,

And here are a few tunes that feature between Famous Number 2's, 80's films and anti-war songs:

Edwin Starr - War

Deee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

Simple Minds - Don't Forget About Me

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Final mention for another year ...Oxegen 2010!!

So Oxegen over the weekend was brilliant. No one was nasty to me, I made friends, I got to lep about in the rain, eat bacon and cheese burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner and run about in a big field with a bag of cans and see lots of great bands.

There were downsides. The new band stage was crap (3Oh!3, Daisy Dares You etc.), the dance stage was crap (all I wanted to see was Armand Van Helden and he just played awful happy hardcore shite) and the stewards hadn't a clue about, well anything at all (we got lost 10 times before we found the staff campsite, two of us pitched three tents before being told we were in the wrong place and would have to take them down, pack them up and pitch them elsewhere.

I could complain about the weather (it rained and rained and rained) but apart from one girl we saw crying down the phone to her mother begging to be collected and brought home on the Friday, no one else complained. A whole content 75,000 people dancing about like ducks in the rain and mud. For some reason the notoriously scummy crowd were ridiculously well behaved and pleasant to be around. I even made friends with some complete skangers on the Sunday night (I offered one a light for his cigarette, he in turn offered me speed! ...which of course I declined ftr!).

Vampire Weekend, Black Keys, Jay Z, Arcade Fire, Wild Beasts, The Drums, Yeasayer, Ash, Hot Chip, Tinariwen, Biffy Clyro, Two Door Cinema Club, Florence And The Machine, Dizzy Rascal, The Stranglers, Broken Social Scene, Julian Casablancas, Earth, Wind and Fire and The Prodigy were all great!

I missed Faithless and Local Natives as I was on air Sunday evening talking to Joshua Radin and Jared Leto's brother (I'd never heard their music, but on post interview listening can safely say neither for me, although Joshua was an absolutely lovely guy). Also, I missed Villagers and Frightened Rabbit cos they clashed with Jay Z and Arcade Fire. And I saw the Middle East and was rather underwhelmed.

But yeh, that was my Oxegen weekend. One or two observations:
Two Door Cinema Club - Finally a decent, accessible, credible Irish indie band.
Tinariwen - If you get asked to play Oxegen at 2 p.m on a massive Vodafone stage, don't, the majority of the 50 people there were too incapacitated to leave. Stick to the Picnic!
Anyone planning to see Prodigy - If you're feeling in any way nauseous don't go, the heavy, heavy bass will have you spewing your vital organs all over the poor unfortunate ravers in front of you.

So onward, Electric Picnic is in a month and a half, and Oxegen 2011 is only a mere 12 months away again!

And finally, my apologies, I had a hectic day so my Book and Movie Club will have to wait til tomorrow, I'll either post about Quadrophenia or Shane McGowan's book.

The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up Alt

Tinariwen - Tamatant Tilay Alt

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk Alt

(and thanks to for the photo)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quick Oxe-update

Hey folks, just checking in quickly as I've come across a laptop! I'm at Oxegen, the final day, I'm covered in shite, it has rained constantly but we woke up this morning to glorious sunshine.

I'll fill you all in on the weekends events in detail once I get home but for now: Vampire Weekend, Black Keys, Jay Z and Arcade Fire, followed by DJing the Silent Disco which was shocking good craic!

Yesterday I saw The Stranglers, Two Door Cinema Club, Tinariwen, Biffy Clyro, Wild Beasts, Yeasayer, The Drums, Florence And The Machine, Hot Chip and Ash.

I've sore head but I'm gonna party through it, off to see Earth, Wind and Fire now, then on air from 5 until 10, with a bit of World Cup in between!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fear And Loathing in Punchestown

So I'm off. Three days of no sleep, shit food, in the pissing rain, smoking damp cigarettes, smelling like shit, drinking warm cans of piss beer and getting lost in a sea of drunken, scumbag 17 year olds who'd only love to knife me and rob my poncho and getting the flu for my troubles. It's Oxegen, and I can't wait.

Tonight I must make a big decision. Do I go see Arcade Fire or Fatboy Slim.

Realistically it'll be Arcade Fire, but there'll be this feeling at the back of my head at the same time, that Fatboy will be spinning up a storm only half a field away. FML ...not really though, it's going to be amazing!

Fatboy Slim - Praise You Alt

I'll be back Monday, and back to posting new music and all that, and I'll tell ye all about it, wooooooooooooo!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


If you haven't heard of Beardyman, hear of him now:

Every sound came from that guys mouth, fucking hell.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oxegen 2010: Sunday Weeshie vs. Beyonce again!

This was blogged earlier on over at Climaxxx Blog, and to say I LOL'd would be a gross understatement. Weeshie Fogarty is a legend in Irish radio, he's won awards all over the shop for his sports broadcasting on Kerry radio, and while he could probably tell you the score and who was playing in each of the 1983 All-Ireland G.A.A quarter finals his knowledge of modern popular culture wouldn't quite be up to scratch. This actual on-air conversation has been tastily mixed into Crazy In Love by DJ Mek.

DJ. Mek Vs. Weeshie & Beyonce. by deejaymek

And the final of the Oxegen posts, loads of shit of course, but Earth, Wind and Fire, The Middle East and Faithless all in one day!

Dance Stage:
Steve Angello
Chase & Status
Fake Blood
Jesse Rosse
The Golden Filter
Al Gibbs

Red Bull Music Academy:
Broken Social Scene
Hudson Mohawke
Jamie Lidell
Local Natives
Robot Koch
Planet Parade

2fm/Hotpress Stage:
Julian Casablancas
Laura Marling
Hilltop Hoods
Mystery Jets
The High Kings
The Middle East
Rachel Furner

Heineken Green Spheres:
Mumford & Sons
Ocean Colour Scene
The Courteeners
Jamie T
We Are Scientists
Kate Nash
Diana Vickers
General Fiasco

The Vodafone Stage:
The Prodigy
30 Seconds to Mars
The Temper Trap
Joshua Radin
Professor Green
The Knux

The Main Stage:
Paolo Nutini
Bell X1
Newton Faulkner
Earth, Wind & Fire
Echo & the Bunnymen

Earth, Wind & Fire - September Alt

Faithless - Insomnia Alt

Oh it's on! Can't WAIT to see Faithless ...and for anyone coming along, I'll be DJing the Silent Disco on the Friday night between 1 & 3 a.m with Fergal Darcy, come in for a dance like!

Book and Movie club no. 2: The Last Waltz

Every wednesday join me for the book and movie club, and of course I'd love suggestions. You folk seem to like your music, any documentaries, films with great soundtracks, books about music, biographies, whatever else you're watching/reading that might be interested, mail me, my e-mail is plastered up top of the page!

I'm not a big country or blues rock kinda guy but I have to admit when it's done right there are times it can be sublime. As the Dude says, "I hate the fucking Eagles, man", and I do, I can't stand Clapton, I don't listen to nearly as much Zeppelin as I used to and while I can appreciate most of it, 70's bearded long-hair rock is something I'll rarely listen to. But this is so much more I guess, country, blues, gospel, rock n' roll, soul, pop, Rn'B, the works!

So last night I finally got around to watching The Last Waltz, the Scorsese directed documentary and final concert of Canadian band ...The Band. After 16 years on the road, they've decided to call it a day, so on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th 1976, in the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, the venue of their first ever gig together, 5,000 Turkey dinners are served and the party to end all parties begins.

In between concert scenes The Band are interviewed about the final show, it's a nice break from the show but the live stuff is where the magic is. Muddy Waters, literally roaring for five minutes, this lunatic they played with early in their career called Ronnie Hawkins who looks like he wandered from the mountains, Neil Young singing Helpless, it's a rollercoaster of madness.

It gets a little shit when Neil Diamond comes on and sings an awful song, and Clapton has is guitar playing ass handed to him on a plate by Robbie Robertson but otherwise the guestlist is phenomenal. Waters and Young, as mentioned, as well as Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, Ronnie Wood, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan and shitloads more.

I've read some fun facts about it. Apparently Neil Diamond came off stage, and whispered "Follow that", the Dylan, to which Bob replied, "What do I have to do, go on stage and fall asleep?". Bang on the money was our Bob cos, as I said, Diamond was shit. Also, a bit of post production doctoring needed to be done to remove a big blob of coke from Neil Young's well powdered nose.

I suppose that was it all over, over saturation of shit country rock bands, the desert dwelling long-haired, coke and peyote filled days were inevitably numbered. They'd had a good run, from their first gig as "The Band" in '69 to their plast in '76 it was a damn good time to call it a day. Of course The Ramones and The Stooges took over, Sex Pistols had a go at it, things needed to change. But don't they always? I wouldn't mind seeing the death of electro-pop and Topshop guitar bands, but I suppose all you can do is like what you like and wait and see what happens. And in saying that I bought a pair of jeans in Topshop today. Can't beat a nice fitting pair of jeans.

You'll pick it up for a few quid anywhere, and if you really like it a 30th anniversary box set came out a while back. I'll post the best known song from it, The Weight, but the version used in the film is not the one on the soundtrack, this one was filmed in a studio a few days later with the Staples Singers:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oxegen 2010: Saturday

The excitement is building, three sleeps til Oxegen! Here's the Saturday lineup:

Dance Arena: (any chance of A-Trak and Armand mixing some Duck Sauce tunes into each others sets? Ooh!)

# Armand Van Helden
# A-Trak
# Steve Aoki
# Louis La Roche
# Villa
# French Horn Rebellion
# Bitches With Wolves
# David E. Sugar
# Amasis

Red Bull Music Academy:

* The Drums
* Dirty Projectors
* Wild Beasts
* Alex Metric
* Jackmaster
* Space Dimension Controller
* Illum Sphere
* The Minutes

2fm/Hotpress Stage:

* Ash
* Kele
* Bombay Bicycle Club
* Yeasayer
* Hurts
* Mayer Hawthorne
* 3OH!3
* Chapel Club
* Daisy Dares You
* Matthew P

Heineken Green Spheres:

* Calvin Harris
* Hot Chip
* Gossip
* La Roux
* Cathy Davey
* Ellie Goulding
* Wallis Bird
* Panama Kings

The Vodafone Stage:

* Black Eyed Peas
* Doves
* Editors
* The Cribs
* Rise Against
* Two Door Cinema Club
* Tinariwen
* Kids in Glass Houses

Main Stage:

* Muse
* Kasabian
* Dizzee Rascal
* Florence & the Machine
* John Mayer
* Biffy Clyro
* The Stranglers

Doves - Pounding Alt

The Stranglers - Golden Brown Alt

Yeasayer - 2080 Alt

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oxegen 2010: Friday

Four sleeps til Oxegen. So I'm gonna post three mp3's each day for each day at the festival until the festival.

Here's the Friday lineup.

Dance Arena:

* Simian Mobile Disco (DJ Set)
* Erol Alkan
* Vitalic
* Aeroplane[disambiguation needed]
* Fred Falke
* Primary 1
* Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
* Dublin Streets
* DJ Gordo & Church

Red Bull Music Academy:

* Chipmunk
* Tinie Tempah
* Gabriella Cilmi
* Darwin Deez
* MemoryHouse
* Colm K
* Andreya Triana
* The Capitals

2fm/Hotpress Music Academy

* Villagers
* Frightened Rabbit
* Shed Seven
* O Emperor
* Joe Echo
* Lissie
* Sweet Jane

Heineken Green Spheres

* David Guetta
* Goldfrapp
* Empire of the Sun
* The Coral
* Delorentos
* God Is an Astronaut
* Kassidy

The Vodafone Stage

* Fatboy Slim
* Groove Armada
* Scouting for Girls
* Plan B
* Republic of Loose
* Drake
* Fox Avenue

Main Stage

* Arcade Fire
* Jay-Z
* Stereophonics
* Vampire Weekend
* The Black Keys
* The Coronas
* Eliza Doolittle

Decent but disappointed with the lack of new band stage, some really crap stuff on top of the amazing headliners.

Arcade Fire - Month Of May Alt

Vitalic - One Above One Alt

God Is An Astronaut - Fall From The Stars Alt

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bits & Bobs

No mp3's for the past few days, but posted some cracking videos, so enjoy those!

Quick one, last night I felt like shit. I went to see the amazing Super Extra Bonus Party. After seeing them a few weeks back in a Dublin venue with a crowd that seemed oblivious to their incredible energy, I was delighted to be part of a crowd of lunatics that enjoyed every minute of it. There was even a penalty shoot out mid gig which "Ghana" won, to make up for their gutting defeat just before the gig.

Anyway, I'd had a pizza before the gig and felt shit after it so scrapped my idea to go see Andy Weatherall after which I was gutted about. I don't know much about him but apparently he's responsible for Primal Scream going dancy and the remix of this song to make it a dancefloor anthem:

Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Club Mix) Alt

I just heard Snoop Dogg is playing the Olympia in Dublin on Tuesday night. Oxegen is next weekend. I really should save a few quid between now and then. But it's Snoop Dogg. I've never seen him live, I hear he's amazing. Gonna dwell on this while I decide.

Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot Alt

I'm DJing tonight, first time in two weeks, cos I took last weekend off. Looking forward to spinning this silly gem. Call on down to Kellys from 9 if you're in Galway.

Lipps Inc. - Funky Town Alt

Otherwise in Galway news, fair play to the 300-500 of you who got involved in the water fight on Eyre Square earlier on! To all of you hitting the Gigantic boat party this evening I'll see you there. And Ciara O D, Happy Birthday dude, I'll catch you after work for bouncing castles and late night lunacy;)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Panic Attract - The Wrong Place video

Cute song, very cute video!

Find out more about these guys here

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cee-Lo Green covers Band Of Horses

I blogged a Gnarls Barkley tune yesterday and today Pitchfork posted a cover of one of my favourite Band Of Horses tunes by Cee-Lo Green. Be warned, there are boobies in this video, so eh, don't watch it on the bus.

Video: Cee-Lo Covers Band of Horses' "No One's Gonna Love You" (NSFW)

'mazing. What a voice.

Cee-Lo Green's Lady Killer is out in Autumn.

New feature!

I've been putting this off for a while but I want to introduce a feature or two to the blog. It's been running since October last year and I've thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'd like to make it a little more cohesive or something. I've always loved music, ever since I discovered a taped copy of What's The Story, Morning Glory, by Oasis in my aunt and uncle's house. They had much better taste than my parents, and though I've grown to love Elton John and James Taylor since, Oasis and U2 were sounds that blew my mind as a curious 10 year old. What I'm trying to say is ever since then I've loved discovering music, despite a teenage rut that had me stuck on 70's rock, 80's metal and Pearl Jam, but hey, fuck it. I like having an urge to listen to everything, and know everything about everything. I'll probably never know how to circulatory system works, or anything about global finance but I'd like to know loads of shit about music cos I like it.

To the detriment of many many fine works of film and literature all I really watch are music related documentaries and music related books. I generally have a few on the go at any one time, so I'm going to start writing about them. For anyone who's ever looking for something to watch or read, check in here and pick something out.

To kick it off I've spent the evening watching a fine Don Lett's TV documentary called Punk: Attitude, which came out in 2005. Interviewing the likes of David Johansen, Jello Biafra, Chrissie Hynde and Mick Jones, it hits the nail on the head. most of the interviewees make great points but can appreciate the time and place it had.

Here's the first part, go wild!

Gnarls Barkley covering Radiohead live

Good grief, this is amazing. If I ever get ridiculously famous and someone makes a movie about me, this has to be in it somewhere. A wonderful song from Radiohead's In Rainbows anyway, but Cee-Lo's vocals are so so haunting. I sometimes forget how good a band Gnarls Barkely are.