Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book & Movie Club (Guest Post)

This is a guest post here for my good friend Josh as part of his book/movie feature which pops up here every few weeks or so.I stumbled across a DVD at the weekend named All Tomorrows Parties...and for around 20 euros, it was well worth the punt.

All Tomorrows Parties as many of you may and probably well know, is a music promotion started in 1999 by Barry Hogan, at a holiday resort in England. In it's 10 odd years it has spread across both Europe and the U.S. with gigs and festivals, gaining a massive fan base as well as huge respect within the 'alternative' music scene in general. The difference in this and ...well most festivals I can think of, is it's lack of sponsorship whatsoever, DIY attitude, and of course the line up each year being curated by bands and the fans themselves, leaving for a very unique batch of music over the 3 day festival.

This documentary shows a true glimpse into a weekend at ATP. This is achieved by the hard work put into squeezing down over 600 hours of footage sent in by fans, bands and film makers into a 90 minute film. Live performances, footage from the festival goers up to all sorts and interviews, it's all there and in multiple formats including mobile phone videos, camcorders, Super 8 and HD. This gives viewers the real spirit and essence of what the festivals all about, not to mention the music itself. Live performances ranging from Nick Cave & Iggy Pop to John Cooper Clarke & Saul Williams, to The Boredoms & The Octopus Project, to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Animal Collective... Too many to name to be honest, but all very good, more independent bands within a range of genres.

Special Features: an extra 50 minutes of live stuff, as well as the 40 page booklet included that documents all the festival introduction letters written by Hogan himself,and all of the festival posters and artwork over the years!

A great watch. When it comes to notions of 'a music festival FOR the fans' or 'indie-festival',these guys are not bullshitting! Its exactly that! G'wan,buy it!

Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan (Fuck Buttons Remix) alt

Slint - Breadcrumb Trail alt

The Octopus Project - The Way Things Go alt

- Brian Ruane (guest post)

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  1. Nice find Brian - will be looking out for this in HMV next time I pop in. also props on the Mogwai link