Monday, August 30, 2010

....gonna miss no. 1

I'm emigrating far far away this day two weeks. From Ireland to London. Not too far so, but an excuse to post shit-loads of Irish music til I go. For a start the wonderful Divine Comedy.

Neil Hannon knows his way around a pop song like very few others in this world do. Like truly great comedies, funnily enough, that you can watch over and over, finding new joys in each watch, his songs are packed so full of musical joy that it's a refreshing listen each time! Simple seeming pop songs that don't get old.

I can't listen to Divine Comedy if I'm in a foul mood. In the same way that you love your family but come the tail end of Christmas when you're pissed off, bored and dying for a cigarette you want to kill them all. Maybe it's a bad example, but you know what I mean? Something you love that in a certain mood you can't stand? Ok, will there goes, I'm in fine form now, so I like Divine Comedy.

On top of all this, he joined up with Thomas Walsh from Pugwash last year to release an album about cricket as The Duckworth Lewis Method, which, of course was charming, hilarious and musically fantastic.

And on top of all of this he wrote the soundtrack to the greatest television show ever written, Fr. Ted:

Finally finally finally, if you're not familiar with Neil Hannon or Divine Comedy, Eyebrowy will fill you in, oh oh oh!

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