Monday, August 23, 2010

Tunes My Mates Like vol. 1

Last week I called over to a friends house for a glass of wine and some pizza. Wine flowed, pictures were drawn and music was discussed. I had a "genius" idea to start a blog called Tunes My Mates Like. So I did. And then realised it's hard enough to maintain a daily blog as it is, let alone two! So I'm gonna keep it going every few days here on Popgoes... so if you've a suggestion for a song, get involved!

Here's what I'd posted on that one hazy night!

I just launched this blog earlier on. My mates suggest some seriously good shit on facebook or in person or play some great stuff live. I wanna store it all online. Thanks google.

Conor Ralph suggested this one

Islands - Creeper Alt

If you've got a song you love, but no blog to put it on is my new address!

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