Saturday, August 7, 2010

Japstars, new video

I'm back. A few days in Kerry was exactly what I needed. Swimming, surfing, barbeques, early nights and family time are the business. Then I got back, dropped my stuff off and hit the Roisin Dubh for the Summer Shindig. Cast Of Cheers, Disconnect 4, Adebisi Shank and Lost Chord. Great lineup and great fucking night. I'll be posting a new Ad Shank tune over the next few days, cos the album is an absolute belter! My neck is still in bits from being in the first moshpit I've been in since Iron Maiden when I was 17.

So new stuff from Derry's electro kings Japanese Popstars. Yet again Barry Gruff beats me to it. That guy's blog is well worth reading, Irish or otherwise.

First new stuff in a while. Always good to hear from one of the better live dance acts about.

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