Tuesday, July 27, 2010

N-E-W: School Of Seven Bells, South Ambulance & King Charles ...and some ranting

After I mentioned on facebook that Jennifer Aniston is in Galway for the annual racing festival someone suggested I should run a Perez Hilton style blog. So eh here goes. Jennifer Aniston, off the telly, is in Galway watching horses run around.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the shortest career in showbiz reporting ever. This week lovely Galway has been invaded by morons intent on losing all of their money, roaring at strangers to "smile will ya?" and generally cause a fucking nuisance about the town. They pump millions into the economy, fair enough, but I really don't think race week behaviour would be tolerated if the same crowd were in town for a music festival. I suppose if it's condoned and loved by politians and gobshite Irish celebrities it's ok to bang on cars and terrorise and old couple in a car as I saw a group of fine young men do last year.

And there it goes, my career in moral outrage. Back to music.

First off, South Ambulance, a Swedish band about to release their third E.P entitled EP 6. It's a confident, melancholic but comfortable listen, definitely a keeper. You can stream the E.P here and have a little taster for your desktop courtesy of the nice folks at Indiecater records.

South Ambulance - Simple Obligation Of A Man Alt

I have fallen in love, the new School Of Seven Bells album is wonderful. Packed full of distracting sounds, perfect boy/girl vocals and a synth rock sheen that'll leave you in a shoegazey trance, this is an absolute winner in my books. This song in particular sounds like Enya and The Cranberries were kidnapped by an 80's teen flick soundtrack machine.

School Of Seven Bells - I-L-U Alt

Finally, King Charles. A London fellow who's tunes are doing the business in blogsville, with this wonderful song. There are a few lines that sound very like Billy Bragg's "A New England". I'm not suggesting it's ripped off at all, it's a really nice way to project the vocals, a sing-song style I suppose. On top of that there's so much going on in the song, one of my favourites at the moment. You can check more out on his myspace, or you could google King Charles and spend a vast portion of your day looking at cute dogs (my family have a King Charles called Jeff, couldn't recommend them highly enough, stupid, but fun, great with kids and shockingly cute!)

King Charles - Love Lust Alt

Sorry for getting serious there, here's some fun: Is Nickleback The Worst Band Ever?


  1. Agree with you completely about the races, I usually lock myself up in my house for the week. Can't stand it at all.

    Great music as always.

  2. Cheers for the mention Josh! I feel your pain re the pain....