Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book And Movie Club no. 3: Hang The DJ

As I said yesterday, too much to do to crack into the Book and Movie Club. Yesterday was crazy, my girlfriends back windscreen smashed for no apparent reason so between trying to get it fixed and looking for accommodation in London I was up the walls!

So I've decided to write about a book I found in the wonderful Charlie Byrne's bookshop in Galway last week. Charlies is a Galway institution and a must for any tourists, and, of course Galway folk themselves. It's not unlike the bookshop Dylan Moran runs in Black Books, although the staff are friendlier and they do have books that people may be looking for.

The book is called Hang The DJ and deals with one of my favourite literary topics. A topic that insights laughter, pain, anguish, and all that: Top 10's! It's an Alternative Book Of Music Lists, and something that I need not delve too deeply into. If you like the sound of it you should buy it, if not, you should not buy it. It's as simple as that.

If you're a fan of toilet reads this is the book for you. Ten minutes of quality alone time, finding a new band to listen to or reading about a song you love in a way you'd never seen it before.

The basis is that the editor, Angus Cargill invited friends and critics to write a top ten about whatever they want and published an entertaining book.

From "How not to get laid: The ten saddest Tom Waits songs" to "This woman's work: Why female singer songwriters are better than their male equivalents", with top 10's on The Pixies, New Zealand Lo-Fi bands and amazing power ballads in between this book is a chance to appreciate songs you know and love in a new light, hear music you'd never have heard of otherwise and enjoy some truly funny writing about our favourite subject (...this is a music blog for the record).

Here's a link to buy it online,

And here are a few tunes that feature between Famous Number 2's, 80's films and anti-war songs:

Edwin Starr - War

Deee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

Simple Minds - Don't Forget About Me

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