Friday, July 9, 2010

Fear And Loathing in Punchestown

So I'm off. Three days of no sleep, shit food, in the pissing rain, smoking damp cigarettes, smelling like shit, drinking warm cans of piss beer and getting lost in a sea of drunken, scumbag 17 year olds who'd only love to knife me and rob my poncho and getting the flu for my troubles. It's Oxegen, and I can't wait.

Tonight I must make a big decision. Do I go see Arcade Fire or Fatboy Slim.

Realistically it'll be Arcade Fire, but there'll be this feeling at the back of my head at the same time, that Fatboy will be spinning up a storm only half a field away. FML ...not really though, it's going to be amazing!

Fatboy Slim - Praise You Alt

I'll be back Monday, and back to posting new music and all that, and I'll tell ye all about it, wooooooooooooo!!


  1. Tell me you saw Fatboy Slim. Can't believe "Praise You" is a sample...

  2. I didn't Biff! Went to see Arcade Fire instead, moving to London in a few weeks, reckon I'll catch him at some stage over there! Heard the sample a few months back alright, guy's a genius!