Saturday, July 31, 2010


You wouldn't believe how slow I am at figuring out "the internets". I know you can make fancy images and links and whatnot appear but it's been lost on me. Again, thank you to Leon Butler, aka Red 2 who made the page look pretty. So until I figure out how to do this in a fancy way, here are two links that are bringing popgoestheradio kicking and screaming into a world of multiple ways to listen to music and connect with the outside world. Yesterday I set up a facebook page. And today I set up a youtube channel. I'll use the youtube for posting playlists of tracks from albums I talk about. Here are all the songs to stream from the new Arcade Fire album.

(I bought a second copy this morning, for my girlfriend. I don't think I should have it though, it's not released til Monday. Hope no one in my local shop gets in trouble but eh, ya, poster says out Monday, hmmm)

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  1. it's ok, albums get released on Fridays in Ireland, that's how it's always been.