Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Live: a proper post-rock knees up ... Talons, Alright The Captain & Dead Red Sun

Calling London! Great gig on tomorrow night (January 13th) with two bands I heard recently supporting a band that are new to me. It's a Sweet Beans and Cinematic Music Blog Promotion on in Vibe Bar on Brick Lane.

Dead Red Sun are a New Cross three piece and from what I've heard so far are flipping excellent. This is a photo of them playing a gig in someone's kitchen. Goodness me.

Facility by Dead Red Sun

Alright The Captain started following me on twitter (and so should you) last week, so I had a listen. Then, proud as punch for discovering a new band all by myself, I posted it on facebook ...but of course my mate who lives down the road had seen them play someones kitchen in Dublin. What is it with these bands and kitchens? Again, goodness me. Musically, it's rabid, frantic madness, over driven guitars behind lovely clean lines and tasty bass riffs. Above is what their debut album cover is going to look like when it's released on the 7th of next month. Listen to their blistering debut E.P and the excellent A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters, An Instrumental/Post Rock Compilation here.

Alright The Captain - Honey Badger

Headlining are instrumental-epic-with-a-flipping-violin-too band Talons. Bloody heavy at times, with oodles of guitar noodling and mind blowing musicianship. Wonderful stuff. This is a photo of their van that I nicked from their myspace. (Proving that it's not completely useless just yet ...myspace I mean, not the van). Of course at this stage there really is very little need to visit that silly website, especially when you can head a band as good as this' entire album on Soundcloud

Talons - Hollow Realm by bsmrocks

...also also (terribly sorry), Mom's House Dad's House are playing too! Will write about them again, must be away now to bed, up early making radio jingles all this week!

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