Monday, January 10, 2011

N-E-W: Villagers cover Neil Young for Mojo Magazine

Regular readers may know the story. Villagers can do no wrong in my eyes. I fell in love over the early gigs, loved the E.P, album and generally have been keeping clued in as to what Conor J O' Brien and his band of village people are getting up to. I aim to be fair and impartial on the blog, and not to overindulge any bands or artists in particular but, well, not this time. Mojo Magazine have, for their current issue, brought a host of acts in to re-visit Young's classic Harvest. I don't buy music magazines but I'll be grabbing this one lively. On top of Villagers we have Phosphorescent, Smoke Fairies and loads more. Here's the whole spiel in video format:

Villagers - Old Man (Neil Young cover)

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  1. oh no, no bandwidth!

  2. I'll track it down again and upload it if I can. Apologies about lack of bandwidth, I am but a poor blogger!