Monday, January 24, 2011

London Band of the Week: Moon Visionaries

New feature. I live in London now. I'm gonna get to know my new home. So I've mailed a bunch of bloggers asking them about music in London and they've gotten back to me with oodles of knowledge. I'll be posting one a week. I hope this doesn't put non-Londoners off, just move onto the next thing but know that it's all here should you ever want to visit, and I recommend that you do.

Along with this I'll be running an occasional thing about London gigs and once a week, something about a new London band. Find the latest happenings in the London tab just up there near the top, see? Ok, let's get this going.

This band are called Moon Visionaries. I first heard them this evening and was hoping I'd caught me something secret. Not on your nanny, this talented foursome have been spotted by Steve Lamacq, NME and Q Magazine.

I'm flying back to London tomorrow after an extended Christmas break in Ireland, it's gotten me in the mood!

Moon Visionaries - Special Is You by moonvisionaries

Check them out live in Proud, Camden for free on January 30th.

1 comment:

  1. Heard a bit about these guys before Christmas but forgot all about them.

    'Special is You' sounds great - lazy kinda The Coral feel to it maybe?

    Cheers for putting me back on to 'em.