Sunday, January 30, 2011

London Band of the Week no. 2: The Veils

This band aren't new. They're not London born and bred either. But they're new to me, and many of you too I can imagine. While not household names they have spent most of their career signed to Rough Trade Records. They have just released their first recordings since leaving the label, with an E.P called Troubles Of The Brain.

Finn Andrews is from New Zealand, based in London and is the man behind this band, working with a changing group of musicians. You can get the whole story on wikipedia.

The E.P is beautiful. It's confident, driving and haunting. Simply acoustic at times, at others building, swirling in a celebratory manner.

I try and avoid comparisons but I'm getting bits of Arcade Fire, but not anything that would put you off. Organic, brash instrumentation I suppose. Good music anyway. See what you think.

Bloom - The Veils by drownedinsound


  1. Finn Andrews... not Andrew Finn.

    We have enough Finns in NZ pop... :)

    But yeah - great band.

  2. Cheers Dubber, will change that right away!

    Met Liam Finn a few years ago in college radio. Nice guy. Conchords and Fat Freddys Drop for my NZ pop any day for the moment though, unless you'd like to recommend some ...?