Friday, March 4, 2011

Lemmy: The Movie

Watched this this evening. Absolutely brilliant documentary. It proves that Lemmy is the most rock n' roll man alive, that he'll never change and that he doesn't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks.

The tagline is crude: 49% Motherfucker 51% Son of a bitch, but anything less does not do justice to this gambling, drinking, swearing, smoking, speed freak. Going on that it should be safe to assume that he's a stumbling, mumbling, delusional shell of a man, but not so. Lemmy is interesting, funny, candid and charming in a gruff and grumpy manner.

Dave Grohl sums Lemmy up best "...Fuck Keith Richards, fuck all those dudes who survived the sixties. Flying around in private jets, living up their gunslinger reputation as they fuck supermodels in the most expensive hotel in Paris. It's like: you know what Lemmy is doing? Lemmy is... probably drinking Jack n' cokes and writing another record.

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