Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new: TV On The Radio, Yeh Deadlies and Elaine Mai

Another new TV On The Radio song. Really great band. This is a soulful bluesy jam. Listen here and download below. Nine Types of Light is out April 12th. In other T.V.O.T.R news, the band have announced that bassist/keyboard player Gerard Smith is battling lung cancer. Read more here. Our very best to him.

I'm finally getting around to writing about Yeh Deadlies album. I've been listening to it a lot, and it's an absolute gem, one of the finest albums of the year. So very cute and catchy, interesting and fun. It's got everything, so you'd be best to have a listen yourself and see what you think.

04 Disk Jockey Blues by yeh deadlies

And then we come to the beautiful, mesmerising tones of Elaine Mai, Galway musician, member of Go Panda Go and maker of fine music herself. Take note, this is a keeper. More please.

Elaine Mai - Softly

Elaine Mai - I.O.U

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