Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new: Squarehead, Ginnels, John Legend, Bullion, O'Death, Eli Paperboy Reed, Burial and Sea Sessions festival.

Before we start, this is very funny.

Daily playlist.

Two tracks today from Those Geese Were Stupified, a title that's taken from a line in the song Jake Summers by Fight Like Apes. I would have gone for FuckingDisappointmentToTheHumanRace personally but each to their own (Fight Like Apes lyric) at the end of the day. Anyhow, he posted the new Squarehead tune a few days back. It's out now on Richter Collective.

Squarehead - Midnight Enchilada by Nialler9

While Squarehead are rocking the "lo-fi sound", they are making very listenable music. Ginnels on the other hand make music that initially sounds listenable. And once you're deep enough in they bombard you with a blast of beats and braun. Don't let my poor alliterations put you off. Play their punky, pounding pieces of (musical) pie and ponder the poignancy of it all.

One of my favourite tracks of the year (and one that I'm nowhere near sick of) Rolling In The Deep by Adele, covered by John Legend. You've almost certainly heard this already but I'm posting it for posterity. It's a keeper.

John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover) by johnlegend

And of course there's something from Nialler9. He's great for finding all these mad sounds and today is no exception. Bullion are the act, and I'm enthralled. London producer, bloody brilliant stuff.

BULLION / Magic Was Ruler by Young Turks

LAisthenewNY's new music posts are a must in the new music bookmarks, always on the ball. Here are two I picked up from there.

Trying to get my head around what O'Death are doing. It's magical.

O'Death - Bugs by cityslang

And then there's Eli Paperboy Reed. His voice is off the radar. One of the best soul tunes I've ever heard.

Clicked play to hear the new Burial tune, but accidentally click on this song by Yacht. Needless to say I was confused by this new synth-pop direction Burial was taking ...turns out the Yacht song is pretty good and that Burial hasn't run back to the 80's but is continuing to make all those crazy blips and beeps and high pitched vocals and atmospherics and all that.

Burial - NYC by isaidahip

And finally ...

 ...One of my fondest memories from years gone by is of one glorious weekend in Bundoran Co. Donegal, pitching a tent and lounging about in the sun for a weekend at Sea Sessions festival. From humble beginnings it's grown considerably and this year boasts the likes of Charles Bradley (who we posted a few weeks back), Ziggy Marley, Grandmaster Flash, Go! Team, Villagers, Japanese Popstars, Bell X 1, Cashier No. 9, Norman Jay and loads more. It's set right on by sea, with cliffs nearby from which you can dive into a beautiful lagoon, the beach is lovely. The town itself is a seaside town from days long gone and everything is convenient. Highly highly recommended.

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