Sunday, April 24, 2011

new: Friendly Fires ...and isn't it about time we had a summer of love?

Missed this last week. New stuff from Friendly Fires. The song is pretty good. But the video? Youtube clips of the golden age of acid house and rave culture. People under 21 ...these gurning, chewing, wide-eyed, baggy jumpered rave kids, who were changing the world one party-in-a-field at a time are your parents. Yes, the video is amazing.

Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight by ListenBeforeYouBuy

At the end of the video the band discuss the video with Zane Lowe, mentioning the frustration as a dance music fan, of never getting to experience that golden age of dance music. I've got to say I completely agree. I'd love a resurgence of chemically induced hands-up-in-the-air lunacy. Us 20-somethings have never had a sorted for e's and whizz in a field phase. We've never had a summer of love. We're due on every 15 years or so. Every generation has one. Music is great at the moment, but no music over the past few years has seemed to capture a collective audience in a way that would spark off a few months of collective creativity and initiative that would culminate in a mythical series of events one could call a "summer of love". Not sure exactly what I mean but if anyone has any thoughts hit me up for a chat and we'll figure all of this out. Josh.

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