Sunday, April 24, 2011

new: Rona Pano, Booker T Jones and The National

Fuzzed out indie-pop? I guess we have room for one more! They're called Rona Pano, they're from Leeds and if you like lo-fi pop not far from Dinosaur Jr. or something like that give em a go. It's a free download on bandcamp.

Booker T., him of Green Onions fame with the M.G's, and more recently a stellar album back in 2009, is back with a list of stars and a promising new album. If this track, featuring the excellent Sharon Jones (of the Dap Kings) and Matt Berninger from The National is anything to go by it'll be a delight. The album will host the likes of Lou Reed, Jim James of My Morning Jacket and The Roots. The Road From Memphis is out May 9th.

Booker T. Jones - Representing Memphis (feat. Matt Berninger and Sharon Jones) by antirecords

Speaking of The National, here are two new tracks from them, one for a film, one for a video game.

They strike me as an ideal film soundtrack band, epic moments defined by a line or the introduction of a violin or just the overall heavy emotive feel of what they do. They're far from average. This track has Sharon Von Etten on guest vocals and will feature on Thomas McCarthy directed "sports comedy drama" Win Win which based on this writeup in the LA Times, I'm gonna check out soon.

The National - "Think You Can Wait" by AwkwardSound

The other National song is croonful, strings-and-melancholy affair for the soundtrack to Portal 2, a science fiction puzzle game. I picked this up on We All Want Someone To Shout For who hit the nail on the head saying ..."If you say that you’ve thought of putting The National on the soundtrack to ANY video game, then I say you’re a liar." Spot on!

The National - Exile Vilify by weallwantsome1

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