Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dancefloor Magic vol. 21

Not just a Saturday, but a bank holiday Saturday! Not just that but I'll be posting another edition of Dancefloor Magic tomorrow for the weekend that's in it. Not just that but next Saturday I'll be playing Good Ship in Kilburn, London from 11 p.m til 4 a.m! I played a few weeks back and had a great time so looking forward to getting back. Hit me up during the week for £2 guestlist too, come along, fun will be had.

So it's St. George's Day today, and next Friday is the Royal Wedding here in smoggy London town so next Saturday I'll be posting many great British dancing tunes. For today it's international fayre, three soul classics and three modern grooves.

Del Shannon - Runaway

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love

The Ronettes - Runaway

Heard this during the week. Got the album. Enjoyed it in the sunshine. G'man XV.

XV - That's Just Me

I'd been looking for an excuse to post this. Gold Panda has made my day on more than one occasion. I sometimes like to pretend I'm in a music video bopping along on my commute to work ...then I find I'm dancing to myself on a crowded train.

Marriage by Gold Panda

...speaking of I had a moment last week where I found myself dancing fairly obviously on the tube. I was momentarily embarrassed before realising I'd never see any of these people again and who knows, my demented shuffling may have amused a fellow commuter so what harm? Wait til this kicks in and go wild!

Divine Comedy - Gin Soaked Boy

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