Saturday, June 4, 2011

new: Beirut, Matias Aguayo, Is Tropical and Retarded Cop

Ah Beirut, you are so so loveable. A new track from Zach Condon and co. The first is a track he wrote when he was 17, has played live since and has now decided to release on an album. Run out of inspiration and stuck for tunes? Not likely, this is a beauty, and another great example of a band who seem to get nothing but joy from playing music together. A heartwarming delight fit for a sunny Saturday evening.

Beirut - East Harlem by Revolver USA

Weird wee tune here from Matias Aguayo who I first encountered recently as a guest on the excellent Ice Cream by Battles, the highlight of their most recent album, Gloss Drop. While this track is worth a listen and warrants further checking out of his E.P of the same name, at 7 minutes it kinda drags. It may need a few more listens and is worth a little boogie along to.

Matias Aguayo - I Don't Smoke by Kompakt

Loving this London based act, Is Tropical. Their debut album, Native To is out June 13th. Check them out at XOYO June 17th for their album launch as part of the Kitsune clubnight, also featuring Yuksek, Jupiter and Age Of Consent.

Is Tropical - The Greeks by The Recommender

Finally, Dublin's Gaz Le Rock, aka Retarded Cop, following months of hilarious hype on facebook and twitter, has released his debut album, You Have The Right to Remain Retarded. It horrid pretty noise from a guy that you instantly want to go on the worlds greatest bender with. Gav, come visit, we'll relive Copvan ...

The album is “a mixture of Marshall amps, Gibson guitars, unemployment, sexual objectification, fast food, parenthood, police, celebrity winners and squirrels." Get it and go see them live.


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