Friday, June 3, 2011

new: Civil Civic, Those Darlins, Holger ...and Blondie (but are you bothered?)

New tune and video from the fabulous Civil Civic. Two Aussies in the UK making lovely noise. They're all set to release their debut album but since they're releasing it independently they need a few quid for pressing and mastering. Check out their page for donating, you will be rewarded depending on your generosity. I'm heading along to see them next Friday in London, I'm all kinds of excited. Leave a comment if you're coming along, we'll have a pint!'s what they're at.

In a "my favourite things" Q&A in Spin, Bethany Cosetino from Best Coast mentions Those Darlins as her favourite new act. I had a listen. This is the title track from their most recent album. Get on this, it's excellent!

Those Darlins - "Screws Get Loose" by terrorbird

Listen to this. It's bloody brilliant. Holger is the name of the band, they're from Sao Paolo in Brazil and blend Latin, Carribean and African music together in a palatable western indie pop style. Nothing not to love. Summer music sorted! $5 for the album? Absolute steal.

Holger - Beaver by MyHolger

And finally, some new Blondie. Not bad I guess. Sounds like The Sounds. I still don't know how I feel about old bands and new music. Good for them but I don't know who buys new Stones, Blondie, McCartney albums ...there are a few exceptions, Paul Simon for one, but it's a funny market. Do have a listen to this clip of her cover of Sunday Smile by Beirut though, this is more like it.

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