Sunday, June 5, 2011

new: three top London acts ...Super Best Friends Club, Disclosure and Grass House

With working and commuting a lot I've been laying off the features, better to blog when I can than bust my balls sticking to a regime, so instead of a London band of the week here are a bunch of great bands from London worth checking out.

Super Best Friends Club create a groove, then make a mess of it in an outstanding display of musical destruction. In parts it sounds like The Postal Service and Beirut got drunk, stole some traffic cones and ran off whooping and hollering into the night.

On the very interesting Hakisac Records. Will be posting more of their roster in coming times.

Super Best Friends Club - Sunshine SUPER MEGATRON

Much of my beef with dubstep thus far has been it's grating womp and often disjointed alienating feel (which I appreciate is a massive part of the appeal), but as it evolves (and an exciting evolution it has been) it's shed some of that with acts like Disclosure. Very danceable too, which is exciting. I suppose they're just taking the framework and filling the interior with delightful electronics and samples. Teenage brothers from South East London, expect loads more great stuff from them.

Live: Tonight (June 5th), Lock Tavern, Camden with Filthy Dukes. Til 3 a.m.

Carnival by Disclosure.

Disclosure - London Town by The Big Beat

And lastly we have Grass House, a cracking band whose E.P we discussed back in December. This new track, which will be released as a free download from June 27 is a conscious effort to create something lighter than their usually darker material. So they do light and heavy well. They're a bloody brilliant band, one of my favourites in London, follow them on facebook and twitter and listen to more stuff on their Soundcloud page.

Live: June 28th, Old Blue Last

A Cradle a Short Breath by Grass House

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