Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodbye Disconnect 4

So it's all over. Disconnect 4 are no more. The time had come, but I'll miss 'em anyway.

I arrived in Galway for college in 2006, and after dicking about in crap nightclubs with my friends for a while I started to get clued in to Galway's original music scene. At the time however there was very little happening. There were a lot of the same shitty bands that are still knocking about playing sub-Zeppelin/Kings Of Leon nonsense but very little anyone would get behind and support as their own. Apart from Disconnect 4.

As Galway consists of two colleges and a small urban centre these guys and girl were tough to miss. While the standard uniform was baggy slacks and a hoody, you'd spot these folks a mile away, nothing that would bat an eyelid in Brooklyn, London or anywhere bigger but in Galway their skinny jeans, wrecked leather jackets, fancy hairdoo's and pointy boots stood out like a donkey at Cheltenham.

While they got stick for their schtick it worked in their favour as people talk, and word of mouth in a town like Galway, I've found, is more valuable than a thousand posters for a gig or DJ set. And it worked! People went to their gigs, shuffled around a bit, went back to Keith and Fuz' (drummer and guitarist) tiny tiny flat for packed out parties and had a great time. In the meantime their songs were getting better and they were attracting the attention of everyone from Jim Carroll in the Ticket to Steve Lamacq in Radio 1 to and everyone in between, while enjoying practical patronage from Roisin Dubh.

But they've decided to call it a day. Maybe they were unlucky. Their sound was a post-80's filthy synth based atmospheric style of dancefloor indie. If they were picked up in 2006 by a small label, maybe landed a support tour to a similar bigger band they might have gone somewhere with it but it wasn't to be. They're all talented sorts. Yvonne (bass) is an amazing photographer, you can check her stuff out here. Leon (vocals and synth) is a talented graphic designer, here's some of his stuff. He'd also make a great band manager! Fuz (guitar) plays with one of Ireland's most promising bands, Lost Chord. And Keith is one of Galway's best DJ's, having played all over town and is now running a soul night in Bar 8 every Friday called Quadro.

But their legacy to Galway music can't be understated. As I said, when I began to take notice of Galway's music scene they were the only ones making any sort of noise. Now Galway's scene is thriving, and while I'm not saying it wouldn't have happened if they hadn't started it certainly didn't do any damage. Galway has a reputation as a Graveyard Of Ambition, and not without reason. It's so easy to get sucked in. You can easily bum around for ten years on the dole, and between daytime pints, beach parties, free gigs, great cheap pizza and all your friends living a stones throw from your own flat you won't notice time go past. So many talented musicians have passed off being in a band as "a bit of craic to pass the time" but D4, despite their love of fun were disciplined when it came to writing, performing and recording music. This attitude wasn't lost on many of the fine Galway bands that are still making music, playing gigs, releasing tunes and have a great future ahead of them.

And there you have it, the life and death of a good Galway band, and as I said, the time was right but I'm sorry to see them go. Fair play lads, ye stopped and nailed it.

Disconnect 4 - We Lost It Alt

Disconnect 4 - The Rise Alt

Disconnect 4 - We Are That Alt

Disconnect 4 - Eighteen Alt

Disconnect 4 - Running With Scissors Alt

Disconnect 4 - Say What You Said Alt

Disconnect 4 - Disco Never Changes Alt

Disconnect 4 - Strangers On The Train Alt

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  1. Great effigy, Josh.

  2. Wow Josh - Your best post yet - It's a shame you missed the gig. They palyed a great one. Also props for the links to all the songs. D4 will be missed