Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun in 2012: The 2 Bears, Azealia Banks, Trippple Nippples and the ultimate music related Christmas present EVER!!

Listening to these acts has me giddy with excitement for a year of music that's nowt but fun. May be a year to drop out and party. Thinking of setting up a wee stall selling knick-knacks and living in a tent in the park for the summer.

For now I'm dosed up on the couch, it's bleak and wintery outside, but on the stereo, it's SUMMERTIME BABY!!

What can I say about The 2 Bears? More music that's falling right into my lap. Dance music that's also music itself. I found no joy in Deadmau5, prog-house or 00's electro. It all sounded like heavy machinery. I do love Nico Jaar style electronic music but when I'm out I do want that bit of oomph, a thick beat with melody, style and fun. The 2 Bears are just that, can't wait for the debut album, Be Strong which is out January 30th.

Work by The 2 Bears

The 2 Bears - Curious Nature E.P. by The 2 Bears

....Kim Jong Il dies and Azealia Banks releases new music, at the same time. The internet rejoices. A new one from the mysterious Harlem songstress/rapper/cool cat. Hate to make outrageous statements too early but she'll be massive if she wants to be, and there's an Azealia shaped hole in pop music. I'm sure at some point she'll mention filling a hole in one of her songs. She's playing the NME awards tour soon with the wonderful Metronomy and Two Door Cinema Club ...and the musical turd that is Tribes

LIQUORICE by Azealia Banks

Japan's Trippple Nippples are out-flipping-rageous. You'll be left scratching your head wondering what you just heard. Flaming Lips vs. Shoned Knife vs. Adebisi Shank maybe ....listen enjoy and catch em touring with Devo now!

LSD Trippple Nippples by trippplenippples

Finally, look at this! If you're stuck for something to get your music-mad partner, friend or family member, here's something they'd love (well I would anyway). Produced by We Are Dorothy, a collective of like minded artists who create thoughtful and interesting pieces or art, all worth checking out.

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