Monday, December 12, 2011

new: The Cast of Cheers, Blawan and Jewellers vs. Patterns

The Cast of Cheers new single got it's first play the other evening on the Zane Lowe show. Such was the jocks excitement that he played it twice in a row. Today it found its way to youtube, so have a listen, and if the band are new to you check out their debut album, Chariot, which has notched up 150,000 plays since last year.

Going through the Irish Times lists of the year I had a listen to Blawan, based on ents editor Jim Carrolls suggestion. This track is immense and I'm on the hunt for more ...I had decided not to do a best of the year, based on the shoddy output over the past while, but all this lisztomania has me excited. The ipod is working overdrive, listening and relistening, I may do up a wee list after all.

Blawan - What You Do With What You Have by ProxyChen

Jewellers Vs. Patterns. I loved Jewellers E.P, Sleep Education which came out earlier this year, and can't recommend them enough as a live act. Now they've teamed up with Patterns, a new act for me to remix each other for this online release. Nice idea, thoroughly worthwhile listen.

Throwing Stones (Jewellers Remix) by Musicalpatterns

Forward Life (Patterns Remix) by Musicalpatterns

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