Wednesday, June 23, 2010

N-E-W: Disconnect 4, ADULTROCK, Javelin (cept that one's not new)

Keeping it local with Disconnect 4! These Galway boys and girl were the first of the current wave of Galway bands to get up and get noticed. They, in fact, were the first band I ever interviewed. I recently found the recordings, a fairly gutting listen truth be told!

This, their first release since their well received Modern Love E.P is one that has been a solid live tune for a while. Sweet melancholic guitar lines, thick synths and pounding bass and drum combo, it's well and truly on. Steve Lamaq, Jim Carroll and Dan Hegarty have gotten their back, well worth a listen!

Turn Off The Lights by disconnect4

Here's a demo from Adultrock, a solo project from Gav from Super Extra Bonus Party, it's gonna be on an E.P that'll be out in a while ....that's really all I got. But I like it! I'll post more once I find more out or hear more ...I'm on it, I swear!

ADULTROCK - Hermione (demo) Alt

No Mas by Javelin is one of my favourite albums of the past while, but I'd never heard any more of their stuff til today. This educational song about STD's is lovely. Just gutted I can't play it on the radio, cos it's a bit filthy. Have a listen!

Javelin - STD Fury Alt

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