Tuesday, June 22, 2010

N-E-W: Les Mange-Tout, School Of Seven Bells, Tender Trap

Les Mange-Tout make colourful twee indie pop. On top of this, they're name is one of my favourite foods. I do love Mangetout, tis well tasty. And while this kind of music usually lacks enough substance to keep me interested for too long, this band, I feel, may keep me on side for a while. Suffice to say I doubt it'll be the last time I discuss them, the boy-girl melodies and fun little guitar lines embody all the innocent fun of the best childrens birthday party ever ...now there's an idea! Seriously, I'm just thinking aloud (and typing), that might be lots of fun, a clown, bouncing castle, barbecue, facepaints and loads of good bands and DJ's in someone's garden ...well this is going to be great altogether, who's in!?

Oh yes, back to Les Mange-Tout, have a listen and enjoy:

Les Mange-Tout - Weak Week Alt

Bit late to this party but here's the new School Of Seven Bells tune. But do you think the opening wind sound sounds a little like "Smash The Mirror" by The Who?

Perhaps it's just me. Well this is a single released ahead of the July 13th date for the unleashing of their second album Disconnect From Desire. While it could be described as shoegazey it also has an uplifting feel to it that I don't get from a lot of traditional shoegaze. You could say it makes me want to look up from my shoes and see what kind of fun could be had.

School Of Seven Bells - Windstorm Alt

I'm confused, there was an Irish band called The Tender Trap, they've since changed their name in light of The Temper Trap getting so big. Just bad luck I guess. But now another Tender Trap, well new to me at least. I love these guys though. Bop around scuzzed out twee fun from three girls that sure as fuck know how to write a lovely pop song. I'll have some of this please. Dansette Dansette is out today.

Tender Trap - Do You Want A Boyfriend Alt

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