Wednesday, June 16, 2010

N-E-W: Sex Church, Japstars and Black Lips ...oh that sweet sweet scuzz

Holler! A lively jaunt around some fun new releases for today.

First off, a band that are new to me, the delightfully monikered Sex Church! I've been using "scuzzy" to describe a lot of music I've been listening to recently, so I may have to either find a new adjective or stop listening to scuzzy music. It'll have to do for the moment, but yes, Sex Church are scuzzy but wonderfully uplifting, oh so very simple, yet oh so effective in having me bop, nod and bounce. A winner on all fronts. It's a nice little taster for their forthcoming debut E.P.

Single Serving: Sex Church – “Ghost” « Musical Pairings @ Eating/SF

I'm quite the fan of Japanese Popstars. I'm proud that they're from the same Island as I (from Derry in the North), and make some cracking dance music. While heavy electro isn't usually my bag they generally hit the nail on the head and guess what? They've done it again. But before we get to the new tune do note that they are cracking live and are well worth going to see. This is my favourite of their tunes, from the Rodney Trotter E.P, along with some live clips:

Awesome eh? Now, Destroy is their new single, it'll be on the Destroy E.P which is due out July 1st and features Jon Spencer from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

The Japanese Popstars - Destroy (Radio Edit) by Gung-HoRecordings

Finally, one of my favourite bands, well ever probably, and yet again, you guessed it: they're scuzzy! Flower pop punk lo fi lunacy or whatever they're describing themselves as these days, Black Lips never fail to make me fall in love with their tunes. This jaunty bluesy ride is part of the Adult Swim singles program, joining the likes of Madvillain and Matt Sweeney ft. Bonnie Prince Billy in giving away a free track. There will be eight in total and this is the fifth. New Black Lips is always a treat, enjoy.

Black Lips - Before You Judge Me Alt

...I just got an e-mail with a tune from a band called LaFaro, check back tomorrow, I'll be posting it, it's a fucking whopper!

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