Friday, June 25, 2010

N-E-W: The Roots, Kissed Her Little Sister & Herbaliser (cept that's not new, it's a best of thing)

Short couple of tunes!

First off Kissed Her Little Sister who I've been listening to the past few days have released their album for free through their bandcampp, here's a wee sample, but go download the album and enjoy the shit out of it.

Kissed Her Little Sister - Cocaine Alt

The Herbaliser is a new one for me. Legendary jazzy hip-hop as far as I know but I picked up their greatest hits (Herbal Tonic 1995-2010) today (cos it's out today). I did a fairly old school thing in that I heard this tune on in the music shop, asked what it was and bought the album. Out on Ninja Tune label, which I'm finding is a breeding ground for some of my favourite music I've heard recently (Been listening to Mr. Scruff and Amon Tobin recently, both wonderful)

The Herbaliser - Gadget Funk Alt

And I can officially declare that the new Roots album is flipping brilliant. It's called How I Got Over and it's finally out. Listen to this track, if you like it, buy it ffs!

The Roots - Right On ft. Joanna Newsome, STS Alt

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