Sunday, December 12, 2010

N-E-W: Grass House, Chilly Gonzales & Perfume Genius

Grass House are a fine band. A fine band indeed. So Tom Waits and Nick Cave have gone on an outrageous bender with some way-ward pirates and ended up at the devils bar mitzvah in pre-revolution Russia. Basically it's all of those kind of sounds, sea shanties, Eastern European Fiddler on the Roof Jewish songs and the traditions of the prince of darknesses own balladeers, Waits and Cave. By all of which I mean these are wonderful sounds. You can get this London bands debut E.P, Ant Giant Ant for free here for another two days so snap it up lively.

Grass House - Mind Can Walk 'n' Wall Can Stay Alt

Chilly Gonzales only came to my attention through that fantastic minimix he put together for Annie Mac's Radio 1 show last month. On further inspection he's an interesting man of many talents who makes the kind of dance music I like i.e the type that's nice to dance to, not aggressive building site sounds. While I'd be wary of the Nu-Disco "movement", if it is indeed that, this is, at the end of the day, a very enjoyable listen. Piano based (without sounding like late acid house). All praise aside for one minute, the voiceover of track 2. I Am Europe sounds like Mugatu in Zoolander ...who am I kidding, more praise! And heaped on lavishly at that. But it's not just a dance record, it's funny, thoughtful, piano tinkling, it's making me happy and it's carving out a cosy hut in my musical world. All good then. I could go on but feck it, have a listen here, maybe have a listen to a few more tracks, and if it's your bag g'wan out and get it!

Chilly Gonzales - I Am Europe Alt

Perfume Genius popped out of nowhere for me. The whole world and their mother has been chatting about this Seattle youngster Mike Genius, but for fear of panicking and awarding him album of the year on a whim I said I'd give a few days listening before putting anything official down (I think I think people care more than they do). They debut album Learning certainly is an outstanding effort. It's haunting, genuinely tough to listen to at times, but far too beautiful to turn away from. It lacks hope in a way that Radiohead, though depressing, don't. It's got a lo-fi, chillwave quality that adds to the "lost in a dusty room in the 90's" feel. Dusty is the word that best sums it up for me. Light, delicate, dusty. Cracking record altogether.

Perfume Genius - Gay Angels Alt

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